ICT for ageing well.



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EasyReach is an innovative and sustainable ICT solution that allows elderly and less educated people to participate in the benefits of IT-based social interactions.


The project builds a system, called EasyReach that supports many styles of social interaction between users, providing them with an easy way to organise groups of people that already know each other, create groups of people that care for a certain common topic, organise groups for the purpose of ‘interfacing’ with real world social groups and organise help sessions where a skilled user helps or trains others.


The services of EasyReach also provide elderly people with proper means for support of interactions, like appointments and things to-do, automatic structure and maintenance of user’s information, monitor users’ quality of interaction in order to provide feedback and foster new interactions.


By using a TV as the core communication interface device and a simple remote control for accessing the services, EasyReach becomes a particularly accessible system, easy to install, configure and apply in every-day life.


EasyReach aims at:

  • Keeping people socially active, increasing the number and the quality of contacts proposing users to join new groups;
  • Supporting elderly people in becoming the leader of a group of people he or she is “consulting” , on the basis of past work experience, by creating the right frameworks to pass along the knowledge that comes with experience:
  • Helping a user remembering and organising activities of any kind (not only the social interaction activities that are provided by EasyReach);
  • Managing the interaction between a real community and a person that belonged to that community but, for physical reasons, cannot participate anymore;
The system will tangibly improve the quality of life of home-bound users by preserving existing relationships; boosting self-esteem of users; helping users in performing common activities.
Expected results and impact:


EasyReach requires and will bring an advancement of knowledge in three areas:

  1. Breaking the remote control usability barrier: going beyond on/off, changing channels and volume controls;
  2. Devising new IT social interaction models.
  3. Investigating automatic ways of supporting user interaction.
Università di
Fondazione Ugo
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche -
FIMI S.r.l.
Center for Research and
University of
Federazione Nazionale Pensionati CISLEnd

Coordinator: University of Milano Bicocca

Duration: 28 Months

Starting Date: 01 November 2010

Total budget: € 3.190.173

Public contribution: € 1.582.887


Dr. Matteo Alessandro Dominoni
P: +39 02 96175237
Via Saul Banfi, Saronnno,
VA Italy 21047