Clients, significant others and clinicians are actively involved in the development of the eCare@Home system ( eCH ) through a series of need and usability assessments in an iterative development approach.

eCare@Home builds on an existing cloud-based multi-user system which has been developed in a European research project for the support of older adults (‘The Inclusion Society”, see The core service delivery platform of eCH is the tablet user interface software. This gives the user access to a broad range application based services which will be created by the eCH project, including IP communication with their clinician. The solution will be tested for usability and acceptance by the end-users in a feasibility trial over 9 months in older adults with recurrent mood symptomatology who are in treatment at mental health care facility GGZinGeest in Amsterdam.



The project aims to develop and test a connected digital health service system for the promotion of self-management and the detection of early warning signs of relapse in older adults (aged 60 years and above) with a bipolar disorder or recurrent depression, to empower the patient and to facilitate contact with care. The system will enable digitally supported monitoring of symptoms and serve as a platform for remote assistance to patients at home. Furthermore, it will encourage social interaction by providing a platform for communication with family and friends, to promote inclusion in the “digital society”.

Expected results and impact

European countries are facing a significant growth in need of care services in the steadily growing older part of the population. This development constitutes both financial, recourse, and approach challenges. Modern technology and innovative organisation of care services proposed in the eCare@home project enables an efficient solution based on a stepped care approach. The system will promote possibilities for self-management and independence for older adults with mental disorders and will help to improve social interaction; thereby increasing the care potential of their professional/ informal carers.


Partners involved in the eCH project

Organization Type Country Website
Hospital Organiser AS SME Norway
The Alloy Ltd SME United Kingdom
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Faculty of psychology R&D The Netherlands
GGZinGeest, Mental Health Service & Research End User The Netherlands
  • Project name: eCare@home – daily life management and monitoring system for elderly with mental disorders
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Hospital Organiser AS, Norway, – Thorhallur Gudmundsson
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date: 01.02.2013
  • Total budget: € 2.256.565
  • Public contribution: € 1.529.745


Thorhallur Gudmundsson


T.: 0047 913 43 943

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