ELDERHOP is creating a solution which runs on existing and future open source mobile and IP connected TV platforms. Mobile platforms and devices (both tablets and smartphones) will be selected based on the collected end-user expectations and usability studies. Easy-to-use mobile interfaces will be created and tested which will ensure the easy navigation for elderly people. Homesys will develop an easy-to-use comparison shopping IPTV application that will allow users to see which products are available at which store and for what price. The application will also make use of the possibility of NFC payment. Further applications (such as an alarm button, location tracking, etc.) will also be integrated. Field trials will be organised in Hungary and in Austria and end-to end solutions will be available for demonstration in order to ensure a good end-user evaluation. During the field tests, trained mentors will help the elderly test subjects to learn how to use the applications.


ELDERHOP wants to provide a complex easy-to use solution to improve the quality of life of elderly people. The objective is to develop, test, and make available a suite of open-source mobile and TV applications, which supports people above 65 in their important daily activities like shopping, using public transport, etc. The envisioned end product will facilitate the outdoors activity and navigation capabilities of the elderly, while decreasing their anxiety and stress levels. Our goal is to launch the service at the end of 2013, and reach 2% of the target population within 24 months after finishing the project.

Expected results and impact

The project intends to develop a complete end-to end solution to help elderly people in their daily activities outside of their homes. The solution will be available from app stores, and it will increase the sense of security, comfort, and self-esteem of elderly people through providing them easy-to use technologies. Further expected benefits include the increased digital inclusion of the elderly through user-friendly interfaces adapted to their needs, and the assistance provided to the elderly in the search for special deals and discounts (helping them to save money).


Partners involved in the ELDERHOP project

Organization Type Country Website
Mobility and Multimedia Coordination Office Nonprofit Ltd. SME Hungary www.mmklaszter.com
KIBU Innovation Nonprofit Ltd. SME Hungary www.kitchenbudapest.hu
HomeSys Media Ltd. SME Hungary hybridbox.tv
Center for Usability Research and Engineering R&D Austria www.cure.at
COOSS Marche End User Italy www.cooss.marche.it
Create-mediadesign GmbH SME Austria www.create.at
Intergrasys SA SME Spain www.integrasys-sa.com
  • Project name: Solution Assisting the Shop Hopping of Elderly – ELDERHOP
  • Website: www.elderhop.com
  • Coordinator: Mobility and Multimedia Coordination Office Nonprofit Ltd.
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.09.2011
  • Total budget: € 1.777.488
  • Public contribution: € 1.029.910,12


Barnabas Malnay

E.: barnabas.malnay@mmklaszter.com

T.: +36 30 930 3415

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