ICT for ageing well.



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The project builds an ecosystem for collaboration between SMEs and seniors.The main innovation of the Elders-Up! system is that it will monitor the end-user state through its interaction with the collaborative Elders-Up! work space in order to:

  • Adapt the interface and content of the work space to the cognitive conditions of the user.
  • Engage and motivate the elderly into an optimal collaboration in the work team.
  • Protect the elderly from falling into apathy and frailty after their retirement.

To fulfill its ambitious goals, the Elders-Up! project will provide four services:

  • Skills Matching Service: To match senior knowledge and SMEs’ needs.
  • Sensors and self-report data gathering: To gather information about the end-user
  • Adaptation Decision-maker Service: Automatically decides and selects the best configuration for presenting the information to the elderly by using the Elders-Up! system.
  • Collaborative & adaptive work space: A fully customizable work space



The objective of the Elders-Up! project is to create an ecosystem for collaboration between seniors and small companies, in order to bring the valuable experience of the elderly to them, thus addressing inter-generational knowledge transfer. SMEs may struggle to cover all the areas of knowledge that a company needs to bring their products to the market. For them, the knowledge transfer from experienced employees is vital. On the other hand, seniors are sometimes set apart in the work environment due to the fact that they are considered less efficient and productive. Their jobs represent the way of feeling useful.

Expected results and impact:

For many elderly, their jobs represent the way of feeling useful for themselves and the society. Furthermore, the fact of for having goals keeps them motivated and the social life that is related to the people that are work mates is beneficial. The Elders-Up! project aims to create impact on the elderly community and provide them with the means of being part of a work team again. More generically, Elders-Up! will have an impact on the appreciation of individual competences at all ages, fighting against stigmatisation and inadequate representations of elderly persons, and promoting the digital social inclusion of seniors .

Ingeniería Y Soluciones Informáticas del Sur S.L. (ISOIN)SMESpain
Optimización orientada a la sostenibilidad S.L. (IDENER) SMESpain
GeoImaging LtdSMECyprus
Technical University of Cluj-NapocaR&DRomania
CleverCherry LtdSMEUnited Kingdom
Elderly Care Center “Agia Marina”End UserCyprusNA
Stockport City CouncilEnd User United Kingdom
Connectedcare Services b.v.SMEThe Netherlands

Coordinator: Ingeniería Y Soluciones Informáticas del Sur S.L. (ISOIN)

Duration: 30 Months

Starting Date: 01 July 2014

Total budget: 2.101.036,47 €

Public contribution: 1.333.205,66 €

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