Ella4Life is the integration of Emma, Anne and specially developed sensor technology from the University of Gdansk. Emma and Anne are functioning digital assistants mostly for elderly people.

Emma is a mobile solution and has a working connection with several e-health self-management solutions. She stimulates her users to lead an active, less sedentary and healthy life. Besides stimulating self-management, she also connects the user to their informal caregiver and the professionals within several fields of chronic diseases. This connection makes it possible to monitor the disease and act and instruct when needed and not when planned.

Anne is an avatar that supports – by speech – elderly people with their daily life. By reminding them (of appointments and e.g. to take their medication), activating them and structuring their day. She reads the news and makes the use of home automation and video-calling very simple by voice recognition. Integration of Anne, Emma and the sensor technology in Ella4Life will result in an integral solution with a combined backbone.


With help of Ella4Life, elderly people – healthy or with a chronic disease or mental condition – stay healthier and live a more pleasant life, independent and safe. At home on a tablet and ‘on the road’ on a smartphone or -watch. Ella will support and encourage people to adapt a healthy lifestyle. Users will be more self-supporting and independent of professional healthcare, what will result in cost reduction and effectiveness. Ella will improve the quality of life of users, the productivity of healthcare professionals and relieve informal caregivers by making it possible to monitor their loved ones from a distance.

Expected results and impact

We are convinced that Ella4Life will improve the quality of life of end-users as well as informal caregivers. When people get older, their chronic conditions often worsen, and at the same time, they get more problems handling the devices helping them manage their condition. This integration of systems makes it possible for end-users to keep on using their trusted equipment even when physical and cognitive limitations would otherwise make that very hard.

Besides the Improvement of the quality of life for end-users, Ella4Life also improves the quality of life for the informal caregivers. End-users can keep on using the trusted equipment and informal caregivers are reassured because they can follow everything from a distance and retain their normal life.


Partners involved in the Ella4Life project

Organization Type Country Website
Virtual Assistant (Virtask) SME The Netherlands www.virtask.nl
Medicine Men SME The Netherlands www.medicinemen.eu
IHomeLab R&D Switzerland www.ihomelab.ch
Insurance Company Zilveren Kruis Large Industry The Netherlands www.zilverenkruis.nl
Livelife End User The Netherlands www.livelife.nl
Gdansk University of Technology R&D Poland www.pg.edu.pl
Ana Aslan International Foundation End User Romania www.ana-aslan.ro
Vicino Luzern End User Switzerland www.vicino-luzern.ch
Muflon Sp. Z.o.o. End User Poland www.orw-muflon.com.pl
  • Project name: Ella4Life, your virtual personal assistant for home and on the road
  • Website: www.ella4life.eu
  • Coordinator: Virtual Assistant bv
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting date: 01.06.2018
  • Total budget: 1,949386 mi €
  • Public contribution: 1,265876 mi €


Annemarie Johannes

E.: A.johannes@virtask.nl



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