The challenge of the project consists in a complete system of management of the services that can be provided in an assisted living facility, via a single intereface – EMILIO – triggered by a vocal interface and via the analysis of the client’s activities of daily living.
EMILIO gives access to all available services. Example of linkable services are: scheduling activities (e.g., physiotherapy, podiatry, courses, trips, social events etc)., daily life management (e.g., ambient temperature, level of lights etc.), telehealth (e.g., telemonitoring, telecare), specific management of problems related to the pandemic, tele-education (e.g., digital literacy). Users (primary, secondary e tertiary) will be involved in all phases of the design of the proposed system. Facilitating access to services and social contacts EMILIO Project is aiming to increase the possibility of self-management and provide an integrated and scalable service platform to counteract social isolation.


The EMILIO Project will enhance self-reliance and will counteract social isolation of elderly clients living in assisted facilities. It will manage a comprehensive set of web services, supporting various use cases to increase their Comfort, Vitality and Safety. Web services are delivered in an intuitive way, fit for use by the target audience. To this aim, an IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure is deployed in the premise that monitors the client’s Daily Activities and interacts vocally with the person when needed.

Expected Results and Impact:

The EMILIO project will deliver a new system of recognition of the needs of elderly people living in an assisted living facility, triggered by the combination of a vocal interface and the observation of daily activities. This input will communicate to the EMILIO platform, that will connect to relevant web services in an intuitive an simple way. The EMILIO platform will have a large impact on elderly, supporting them in the management of their daily activities and communicate with other people, loved and friends, in a simple way.

Project Partners

Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Italian National Institute of Health and Science on Ageing End-Users Italy www.inrca.it
Solving Team SRL SME Italy www.solvingteam.it/
ICT Factory GmbH SME Switzerland www.ictfactory.ch/
Erdmann Design AG SME Switzerland www.erdmann.ch
Magicview SME Belgium www.magicview.tv
ePoint SME Belgium www.webdisplay.be/point/HTML/index.html
Vulpia VZW End-Users Belgium www.vulpia.be/
Institute of Space Science, INFLPR Subsidiary R&D Romania www2.spacescience.ro
Transilvania University of Brasov R&D Romania www.unitbv.ro
  • Project name: Increase sElf Management and counteract  social IsoLatIOn using a vocal assistant enabled virtual concierge (EMILIO)
  • Coordinator: Italian National Institute of Health and Science on Ageing (Italy)
  • Website: www.emilio-aal.eu
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date: 01/02/2022
  • Total budget: € 3 162 745
  • Public contribution: € 1 656 758


Mirko di Rosa

E.:  m.dirosa@inrca.it

T.: +390718004604

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