The aim of EMOTIONAAL is to develop an integrated healthcare-concept for elderly people in rural areas in Europe This includes the four important innovations:

  • An integrated services platform collecting data from a variety of biosensors to permanently monitor the medical status of the users.
  • The Plug&Care connector, an interface to link any additional product or service supplier to the system;
  • Newly to developed nanosensors to measure additional data. Those sensors will provide feedback for the user enabling him to detect and prevent potentially unhealthy conditions, life styles and nutrition, especially for the fight against diabetes;
  • An infrastructure of rural supply units serving as hubs for the users. The rural supply units (RSU) are village centres which integrate retail, service, communication and health facilities. The RSUs and the telemedicine system are closely related.


The increase of chronic conditions and chronic diseases in European societies – especially in rural areas – is evident. The aim of scientific and political intentions is to extend the time elderly people in rural areas can live independently in their home environment. In this project an integrated solution for the elderly by the seamless inclusion of social services and new technologies in rural areas, named “The Emotional Village” was developed. The project includes intense support for self-care and prevention and assistance to carry out daily activities, health and activity monitoring and enhances safety and security.

Expected results and impact

The use of an IT supported regional care structure, telemedicine and biofeedback provides change of the health behavior by monitoring of critical biomarker and support of health promoting behavior. In case of diabetic metabolism a collaborative and individual health behavior should be improved by the advancement of participation in social life. This offers the elderly of rural areas a long and independent life in their own homes with an increase of quality of life.


Partners involved in the EMOTIONAAL project

Organization Type Country Website
B. Braun Melsungen AG (BBM) Large Industry Germany www.bbraun.de
Protestant University of Applied Sciences DepT. of Health Sciences and Nursing, Darmstadt (EHD) R&D Germany www.efh-darmstadt.de
Opsolution NanoPhotonics GmbH, Kassel (OPN) Large Industry Germany www.opsolution.de
HD Projekte Large Industry Germany www.hd-projekte.de
University of Marburg, Institute of Geography (UNIMR) R&D Germany www.uni-marburg.de/fb19
University of Kassel, Institute of Nanostructure and Analytics (INA) R&D Germany te.ina-kassel.de
DIAK University Institute for Socio-Economic Sciences, Pieksämäkki, Finland (DIAK) R&D Finland english.diak.fi
Vitaphone GmbH, Telemedical Services, Vienna, SME (VPH) Large Industry Austria www.vitaphone.co.at
  • Project name: The Emotional Village: Integrated Preventive AAL concept for the rural Aging Society in Europa
  • Website: www.emotionalaal.eu
  • Coordinator: B. Braun Melsungen AG (BBM)
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.07.2009
  • Total budget: € 3.200.000
  • Public contribution: € 1.600.000


Dr. Hans-Otto Maier

E.: Hans-otto.maier@bbraun.com

T.: +49 (05661) 71 – 14 46

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