Initially considered a normal effect of aging, mild cognitive impairment is a syndrome that affects older adults (not only) and causes changes and decline of their cognitive abilities. To manage such negative effects on wellbeing and health there is a strong need for innovative technologies to engage, support, and coach older adults in training their cognitive function in a rather personalized manner considering their cognitive state, preferences, and wishes. Social robots, non-invasive Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence are key technologies that are innovatively and uniquely combined by engAGE to support the self-management of cognitive decline. engAGE main target groups are:  older adults with mild cognitive impairment, family caregivers and healthcare professionals. engAGE unique selling proposition is the holistic approach to the self-management of cognitive decline from non-invasive monitoring and assessment up to advanced intervention, cognitive function stimulation, and social interaction.


The goal of the engAGE project is to combat and slow down cognitive decline progression, to enhance the intrinsic capacity of the users, and to support the wellbeing of older adults with mild cognitive impairment by providing an ecosystem of services that integrates: (1) holistic monitoring of the ability to conduct activities of daily living and wellbeing, (2) machine learning-based cognitive decline evaluation and (3) coaching, cognitive stimulation and social interaction using social robots.

Expected Results and Impact:

engAGE will contribute to combating and slowing down cognitive decline progression, and to supporting the wellbeing of older persons with mild cognitive impairment. Older adults can be benefited by maintaining / improving their cognitive function and thus, their ability to live independently for longer. Family caregivers can have an objective measure to monitor their loved one’s cognitive progress. Healthcare professionals involved in different care organizations may significantly improve their practice efficacy, using the system as a constant source for patients’ cognitive performance data.

Project partners

Partners in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca R&D Romania www.utcluj.ro/en/
Iris Robotics SME Romania ww.irisrobotics.ro/#
Tellu AS Large Enterprise Norway www.tellu.no/
Karde AS SME Norway www.karde.no/
University Hospitals of Geneva End Users Switzerland www.hug-ge.ch/sciences-information-medicale/equipe-du-service-sciences-information-medicale
IRCCS INRCA End Users Italy www.inrca.it/
  • Project name: Managing cognitivE decliNe throuGh theatre therapy, Artificial intelligence and social robots drivEn interventions (engAGE)
  • Website: https://engage-aal-project.eu/
  • Coordinator: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date1/12/2021
  • Total budget: € 1 900 000
  • Public contribution: € 1 300 000


Dr. Ionut Anghel

E.: ionut.anghel@cs.utcluj.ro

T.: +40723353899

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