The ENTRANCE project gathers leading European research institutions, user organisations and SMEs. It focuses on the development of the ENTRANCE platform, which comprises a home terminal and a multimodal mobile interface for wayfinding. The home terminal consists in a usable hardware (a silent computer to be used in living rooms) and software adapting to users with different levels of technology proficiency. The software is used to learn how to book e-tickets and vacation packages. The ENTRANCE platform also comprises a serious game to be used by older adults to improve their spatial competence and, subsequently, their ability to navigate indoors and outdoors. The mobile platform comprises navigation software, which is also used in the serious game on the home platform. This navigation software will be installed on a smart phone, and combined with outdoors and indoors positioning system, and a haptic navigation device (e.g. a wristband) for giving directions, and informational messages during navigation.


ENTRANCE is a multidisciplinary project with 8 partners from 4 European countries. The consortium consists of 2 research institutions, 2 user organisations and 4 SMEs. ENTRANCE will develop an innovative platform for trip planning, indoor and outdoor navigation and Internet service use. The platform will comprise a home terminal with a serious game and a multisensory mobile interface for navigation and wayfinding. The home and mobile technology will be usable and accessible. It will also help older adults maintain and develop their cognitive abilities. The technology will be tested in France and Austria.

Expected results and impact

The ENTRANCE platform will give more independence to older adults when using e-booking services and when navigating outdoors and indoors. It will not only be useful, usable and accessible, but will also help its users maintain and develop their cognitive abilities. The ENTRANCE platform will be tested with about 90 users aged 50 or more, at two test locations in Austria and France. The tests will be done iteratively, both in laboratory and in the field. The project will have a duration of 3 years, for an effort of 525 PM. The ENTRANCE platform could be brought to the market at the end of 2015.

Project name: Enabling Elderly People travel and Internet Access – ENTRANCE
: CEA LIST, France
Duration: 36 Months
Starting Date: September 1, 2011
Total budget: € 4.385.128
Public contribution: € 2.096.042


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