Adults aged 65 years or older have a higher risk of experiencing falls, which can have long-term health consequences and lead to increased health care costs. Walking, balance, and cognitive disabilities have been reported to be among the strongest risk factors for falls. Studies indicate that especially the concurrent training of physical and cognitive functions is promising in improving walking, balance, and cognitive abilities of older adults. Thus, the ExerGetic project team develops a motivating video game-based training (ExerG) for the geriatric population allowing the simultaneous and individually adaptable training of physical and cognitive functions. Players control a video game environment, projected on three surrounding screens, with specific (whole) body movements. Hence, this training setting allows the performance of exercises that are close to daily life activities. The ExerG solution is not only to be applied in rehabilitation clinics, but also in physiotherapy centres and nursing homes, and enables a safe and user-centred training data transfer.


The aim of the ExerGetic project is to develop an innovative and motivating video game-based training device (ExerG) for the geriatric population. The individually adaptable training is performed in a safe training setting by integrating a body weight support system. The ExerG concurrently enhances end-users’ physical and cognitive functions and thus impacts their health status and quality of life. The expertise of the interdisciplinary project team (including health care institutions, business, and researchers from human movement science, human computer interaction as well as game and industrial design) and the requirements of the geriatric population will be integrated in the whole development process.

Expected results and impact

The ExerG training solution intends to individually improve physical, cognitive, and mental functions in older adults and thus to counteract risk factors for falls as balance, walking, and cognitive disabilities. Hence, this training will also have an impact on the end-user’s health status and quality of life as they will move more safely in their daily environment. The ExerG solution can be used in rehabilitation clinics, physiotherapy centres, and nursing homes. Thus, this training will also be of interest for health insurance. At the end of the project, a validated training solution will be developed and prepared to enter the market.


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Sphery AG SME Switzerland www.sphery.ch
Reha Rheinfelden End User Switzerland http://www.reha-rheinfelden.ch
Zurich University of the Arts R&D Switzerland www.zhdk.ch
HCI Games Group, University of Waterloo R&D Canada www.hcigames.com
VASCage R&D Austria www.vascage.at
Reha Munster End User Austria www.reha-muenster.at
  • Project name: ExerGetic (ExerG)
  • Website: https://exergetic.de
  • Coordinator: Sphery AG (Switzerland)
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date: 01.05.2021.
  • Total budget: € 2 110 100
  • Public contribution: € 1 196 271


E.: Yanick Riederer,



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