ICT for ageing well.



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User driven

The E2C project follows a user-driven methodology, which divides the innovation process into two overlapping phases: A WHAT phase that focuses on what to produce and a HOW phase, which focuses on how to produce it. The process has several iterations leading to a refinement of product/service as it is being conceptualised, made tangible, tested, adjusted and tested again.

Tipple bottom-line

Applying a user-driven methodology enables both incremental and radical product and service innovation, and integrates business model- with social innovation. As such the methodology is highly relevant when the aims are to improve 1) quality of life, 2) ensure sustainability of health and social services and 3) the creating of new jobs and business opportunities.

Data collection

The initial data collection has synthesised insights from the participating partners in relation to the issues of loneliness. Areas for further investigation were identified and validated trough user workshops in all participating countries. Based on the initial inputs, an ethnographic research scheme was developed. Based on that, in-depth interviews with elders have been conducted in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and The Netherlands.




The overall objective for the E2C consortium is to develop, test and deploy a web service, which stimulates and facilitates personal storytelling, and enables interest‐based connections and communication among elders and thereby empowers them and enriches their life.

The E2C project focuses on finding a solution to very challenging issues:

  1. Preventing the experience of loneliness
  2. Developing a new innovative solution for an emergent EU market for “preventive social technology”
  3. Creating implementation strategies that leave space for this solution in the service ecology of elderly care
Expected results and impact:

Play with your life will:

  • turn memories into something concrete that helps remembering the beauty of life and connecting the life to come with what has already been;
  • bring (grand-)parents and (grand-)children closer together and make web storytelling valuable to siblings and/or cousins;
  • promote inter-generational connections;


Play with your life will make elderly people the owners of their own needs and provide tools for dealing with them – together and in a fun, non-stigmatising way. By doing so Play with your life will exempt the public sector for obligations, which it is not well suited to fulfill in the first place.



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Coordinator: Copenhagen living Lab, Denmark

Duration: 36 Months

Starting Date: 01 March 2010

Total budget: € 3.256.975

Public contribution: € 1.776.369


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