The FairCare solution consists of an easy to use web-based software which connects the demand for care and support for elderly people with the available supplies.

FairCare will be accessible via the internet and “app” for mobile devices. The concept realizes a social franchise system to guarantee offline process quality and security for all target groups, especially the primary end-user. The whole project is centred on innovation and end-user participation during all stages of development.  By involving all participating end-users in all participating countries (Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Austria) during the development, the different needs and requirements can be captured optimally. In general, end-user feedback is highly valued in the development and thus end-user organisations and their insight as well as their knowledge regarding care, case management and recruitment of professional informal workers is mandatory for the project’s success.


The overall objective of the project “FairCare” is to improve the allocation and scalability of existing professional as well as informal care resources and care related services by creating a network based solution for collaborative future care. That means the aim is to create an online-platform where reaching a demand-driven match-making of primary end user’s needs with the relevant service provider/voluntary network is possible. FairCare will contribute to sustainable care systems in the future.

Expected results and impact

The overall goal of „FairCare“ is to develop a sustainable solution, which

  • coordinates professional care, voluntary work, informal care and further services
  • satisfies the legal and social requirements of different countries
  • maintains life quality of elderly persons and their relatives within their environment
  • assures qualitative high support by verification and certification


Partners involved in the FairCare project

University of InnsbrurckR&DAustriawww.uibk.ac.at
European Academy of Bolzano / BozenR&DItalywww.eurac.edu
University of Applied Sciences HTW ChurR&DSwitzerlandwww.htwchur.ch
Zurich University of Applied SciencesR&DSwitzerlandwww.zhaw.ch
Pannon Business Network AssociationEnd UserHungarywww.pbn.hu
Austrian RedCrossEnd UserAustriawww.roteskreuz-innsbruck.at
ASP Servizi SRL / GmbHSMEItalywww.aspservizi.com
ConnectedCare services b.v.SMEThe Netherlandswww.connectedcare.nl
SIS Consulting GmbHSMEAustriawww.sis-consulting.com
  • Project name: FairCare – The network based solution for collaborative future care
  • Website: www.fair-care.eu
  • Coordinator: University of Innsbruck
  • Duration30 months
  • Starting Date: 01.05.2015
  • Total budget: € 3.422.947,36
  • Public contribution: € 2.199.588,00


Felix Piazolo

E.: Felix.piazolo@uibk.ac.at

T.: +43 512 570512-3

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