FamConnector offers groundbreaking innovation in the area of inter-generational connectivity through its main components. They include:

  1. A library of inter-generational activities – including several types of activities, that grandparents can explore with their grandchildren.
  2. Generic Inter-Generational Interactive System (GIGIS) – a back end and communication (audio and video) system that directs technical aspects of functioning and integrating FamConnector as a white label product.
  3. Resource Center –a database of online resources and more.
  4. Developer Zone- for developers and distribution 

End user testing is fully integrated in the project, as a repeating cyclical process–mirroring the development process–to guarantee current feedback that reflects the current status of the project throughout its progression.


FamConnector will be Europe’s leading generic product in the field of meaningful, online inter-generational interactions between grandparents and grandchildren, aged 3-9) and other geographically-distant family members.

Through the unique integration of technology with content and activities to be developed on the basis of end-user feedback, FamConnector is designed to establish and nurture grandparent’s connection to their grandchildren, enriching their lives, fostering meaningful relationships through content-rich experiences.

Expected results and impact

FamConnector is designed to be marketed and sustained as a subscription based product. By focusing solely on inter-generational interactions, FamConnector will be able to provide the richest experience, offering a specifically-tailored, user-friendly platform with the most relevant content so that each interaction creates a real, lasting impact in the lives of the elderly population we serve. As a white label solution, FamConnector will empower other service providers for elderly people, enabling them to offer an added value solution and a new stream of revenue.


Partners involved in the FamConnector project

Organization Type Country Website
FamCorner, Ltd. SME Israel www.mygrandchild.com
University of Salzburg R&D Austria www.icts.uni-salzburg.at
Kotosalla Foundation End User Finland www.kotosalla.fi
Hilfswerk Österreich End User Austria www.hilfswerk.at
University of St.Gallen R&D Switzerland www.unisg.ch
terzstiftung End User Switzerland www.terzstiftung.ch
  • Project Name: FamConnector: Activity Based Intergenerational Interactions
  • Website: www.mygrandchild.com
  • Coordinator: FamCorner ltd
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date: 01.04.2010
  • Total Budget: € 1,527,639
  • Public Contribution: € 996,541


Dror Oberman

E.: Dror@oberman@famcorner.com

T.: 972-52-8390966

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