ICT for ageing well.



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According to the results of the requirements analysis, face-to-face communication and activities between grandparents and grandchildren have many characteristics and advantages, e.g., the children’s development can be observed, individual preferences can be discussed and the respective activities conducted directly, parents can be involved easily. These characteristics have to be taken into consideration when developing intergenerational online activities. For the platform this has meant providing a variety of activities regarding age, attention span, ICT skills, kinds of activities, allowing
different levels of parents’ involvement and taking into account different preferences and likes. One of the most important implications is the connection between the offline and online world, e.g., by using physical artefacts like print-outs of online created paintings. Furthermore, the grandparents should not get the impression that online activities will replace their physical meetings with their grandchildren, but that they are enriching their contacts when not having the possibility to meet physically.



The objective of FamConnector is to be Europe’s leading generic product in the field of meaningful, online inter-generational interactions between older adults (i.e. grandparents) and young children (i.e. their grandchildren, aged 3-9) and other geographically-distant family members.
Through the unique integration of technology with content and activities to be developed on the basis of end-user feedback, FamConnector is designed to establish and nurture older adults’ connection to their grandchildren and loved ones, enriching their lives, engaging their minds and fostering meaningful relationships through new, content-rich experiences.

Expected results and impact:

By focusing solely on intergenerational interactions, FamConnector will be able to provide the richest experience, offering a specifically-tailored, user-friendly platform with the most effective, relevant content so that each interaction creates a real, lasting impact in the lives of the elderly population we serve. As opposed to offering a variety of solutions for Europe’s elderly population’s various needs, FamConnector aims to act as a more narrowly focused, but thereby more effective, solution to the specific issue of intergenerational interactions. In doing so, FamConnector can address a variety of needs such as connectivity, cognitive ability, inclusion, self-empowerment, identity, purpose and overall quality of life.

University of SalzburgR&DAustria
Hilfswerk SalzburgEnd-UserAustria
Kotosalla FoundationEnd-UserFinland
University of St. GallenR&DSwitzerland

Coordinator: Dror Oberman

Duration: 30 Months

Starting Date: 01 April 2010

Total budget: € 1,029,659

Public contribution: € 607,110


Dror Oberman