We don’t want frAAgiLe to be a falls detector system, but a frailty detector one. Therefore, the platform intends to analyze the status of the elderly person, both physically and mentally, in terms of fragility, and then assign individualized physical and mental exercises to avoid the risk of possible falls, using an accessible and affordable solution that combines videos for exercises and serious games to both train and detect physical or cognitive fragility. Deep Learning techniques will be applied in order to help the frAAgiLe system learn about the fragility history of each individual end-user and customize the training plan according to his/her evolution. The system will also focus on being as cheap and less intrusive as possible, using only tablets and wearables. frAAgiLe project will be developed through a user-centered approach, with an active involvement of end-users in different phases of the project, along its entire duration; end-users coming from 3 different European countries, and thus bringing a heterogeneous background from cultural and economic perspectives, will contribute to the co-creation of the platform.


Falls are the most serious and frequent home accident amongst the elderly and are a major reason for admission to hospitals, nursing or residential homes. The increased fragility of elderly people is one of the most important risk factors in determining falls. Whilst most of the existing solutions are focused on detecting falls, the frAAgiLe solution aims to intervene earlier, to both prevent and detect frailty at home, using no extra sensors in the house and with almost no human intervention. frAAgiLe will provide a new, disruptive approach for combating mental and physical frailty by using video training, serious games, body recognition and tracking by a tablet and a smartwatch.

Expected results and impact

The created platform will be offered and commercialized in most European countries 2 years after the projects’ end. frAAgiLe solution will attract elderly people at first, but also family members, caregivers, eldercare service providers, thus contributing to building a new economy and to enhancing the social inclusion of its members. A simple app will increase the accessibility to fragility tools and wearables, reducing the time for direct interaction with therapists and doctors and making the project quite scalable. The final result will be a platform suitable for current potential user needs, but open to changes, flexible and adaptable to the users’ and carers’ changing requirements.


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Ideable Solutions S.L. SME Spain
Ana Aslan International Foundation End user Romania
Agecare (Cyprus) LTD – Materia Group End user Cyprus
University of Deusto, eVIDA R&D Spain
terzStiftung End user Switzerland
University of Geneva R&D Switzerland
SingularLogic Romania Computer Application SRL. SME Romania
Innovation Laboratory Ltd. SME Hungary
Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. For Applied Research R&D Hungary
  • Project name:  Platform for detecting and preventing frailty and falls – frAAgiLe
  • Website:
  • Coordinator:  Ideable Solutions, SL , Spain
  • Duration:  24 months
  • Starting Date:  07/2019
  • Total budget:  € 2.246.554,08
  • Public contribution:  € 1.451.616,78


Iñaki Bartolome


T.: +34 946414447

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