The project will integrate existing open-source technologies, platforms and tools, as well as assemble a smart AR-enabled platform based on existing fully customizable hardware boards to offer a set of simple, plug-and-play, assisted-living (AL) services. Real users including primary (older adults), secondary (family members, healthcare professionals and network) and tertiary (i.e., care organizations) users will be involved throughout the project progress and assist in system design, integration, testing and evaluation. The Augmented Reality Healthcare Expert will be designed in such a manner that will be intuitive to use while at the same time it will tackle cognitive decline and forgetfulness. Prior to using the Augmented Reality Training Expert, older adults will have a one-to-one training session with the respective end-user organization and will be subsequently supported when in need with regular check-ups.


GUIDed provides a user-friendly, multimodular system aiming to assist older adults in their everyday life. GUIDed offers users the possibility for smart control of different devices, monitoring and automatic adjustment of home conditions and emergency contact with their family members. The project aims to assist older adults in living independently, being active and feeling safe for longer.  Older users will be guided by an Augmented Reality Healthcare Expert who will coach and assist them in using the technology and navigating through the system platform.



Expected Results and Impact:

The GUIDed system will be designed and implemented respecting the special needs and constraints of older adults to avoid technology abandonment, address technophobia, enable ease of use of the services and promote active and independent living. The system will develop and integrate multiple services, the final list will be defined based on a co-design and co-creation approach with users, e.g., safety alarms (i.e., smoke/CO2 detection), temperature control, medication reminders, telecommunication services and smart lighting and will be tested in 2 piloting cycles in Cyprus, Norway, Poland. The project aims to enrich current IT market with a user-friendly solution incorporating an Augmented Reality assistant.


Partners in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Agecare (Cyprus) Ltd - Materia Group SME Cyprus
Kompetenznetzwerk Informationstechnologie zur Förderung der Integration von Menschen mit Behinderungen R&D Austria
Platus Learning Systems GmbH SME Austria
Harpo Sp. z o. o. SME Poland
University of Cyprus R&D Cyprus
Karde AS SME Norway
Frederick Research Center R&D Cyprus
  • Project name: GUIDed Assisted-Living and Social Interaction Platform (GUIDed)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Agecare (Cyprus) Ltd
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting date: 01/2020
  • Total budget: € 1.251.978,25
  • Public contribution: € 834.847,64


Marina Polycarpou

T.: +357 22573577

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