Unique to HAAL is a that a careful selection of International care technologies developed within the AAL programme can support dementia care over the various stages of dementia. HAAL provides a complete package of AAL-technology for people with dementia through all stages in a client journey starting from the stage of Mild Cognitive Impairment till the phase of severe dementia. Within the project, multiple existing AAL technologies – that are ready for upscaling – will be tried-out, implemented, and tested, such as solutions from the following AAL projects: RESILIENT, FreeWalker, eWare, Rosetta, i-evAALution, 2PCS & FearLess and also non-AAL project services that have just been introduced within AAL from Taiwan on rehabilitation, exergaming, monitoring and sensor networks. Over 100 end-users will be involved in co-creation, responsible innovation, meaningful try-outs and evaluations. In the final evaluation, 90 end-users will be involved in 3 pilots (30 per country), consisting of triads of PwD and their (in)formal carers.


The world is facing similar challenges in respect to the ageing population and shortages of care personnel, with dementia as the largest and one of the most expensive challenges. Across Europe and beyond, various dementia friendly eco-systems are in place within municipalities with AAL services to empower clients, informal carers and care professionals. With the HAAL project, The Netherlands, Taiwan and Italy combine their strength, co-create, responsibly innovate, evaluate and share their experiences in supporting dementia care by state-of-the-art AAL bundles. HAAL is about learning from each other’s dementia care eco-systems supported by AAL technologies and services and try-out what could work in your context. Within HAAL we will also develop a prototype platform – based on machine learning – where the data of the different AAL solutions is analysed and used to support the care process and client journey.

Expected Results and Impact:

There is a huge shortage of nurses and care becomes increasingly complex in the home, and in the intramural care setting. To provide high quality care it is essential that there is effective collaboration between all stakeholders and provide care that is person-centered.

HAAL services such as lifestyle monitoring, FearLess and the AIoT bedroom reduces the care burden, enhances care efficiency and supports integrated care over time by the various AAL solutions. HAAL provides several services and technologies to support informal carers in reducing care burden (e.g., GPS tracking) and enhancing/supporting social interactions with clients (e.g., Compaan and UNIPERCARE platform). HAAL provides various services to PwD to live at home for many years, ways to train and remain active (WhizToys, Tipr) and in contact with their family and friends. From the experience of on market AAL technology for PwD it is clear that external financing of at least a part of technology is necessary. The evaluation will focus on multiple outcomes measures, including – among others – cost effectiveness, quality of life, social connectedness, care burden, self-efficacy and workload. In mid-term future, B2C sales strategies seem promising; at short term the focus will be on B2B2C. HAAL will add value to the lives of people with dementia and their (in)formal carers!

Project partners

Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Vilans R&D Netherlands www.vilans.nl
Compaan SME Netherlands www.uwcompaan.nl
Municipality of Haarlemmermeer End User Netherlands www.haarlemmermeergemeente.nl
INRCA End User Italy www.inrca.it
Yuan Ze University R&D Taiwan www.yzu.edu.tw
National Cheng Kung University R&D Taiwan web.ncku.edu.tw
JEF SME Italy www.jef.it
UNIVPM R&D Italy www.univpm.it
Silver Linings Global End User Taiwan
Municipality of New Taipei City End User Taiwan
Municipality of Aarhus End User Denmark
Bianciao Veteran Dementia Nursing Home End User Taiwan
Yuzen Garden End User Taiwan
Quanta Computers Large Company Taiwan
Cordaan End User Netherlands
Amstelring End User Netherlands
  • Project name: HeAlthy Ageing eco-system for peopLe with dementia – HAAL
  • Website: https://www.haal-aal.com/
  • Coordinator: Vilans
  • Duration30 months
  • Starting Date
  • Total budget: € 2 000 200
  • Public contribution€ 1 400 000


Henk Herman Nap

E.: h.nap@vilans.nl

T.: +31 (0) 6 2281 0766

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