ICT for ageing well.



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The “Helping elders to live an active and socially connected life by involving them in the digital society” project addresses the objectives of the call by offering a 360 degrees user involvement methodology to examine how a new approach towards digital technologies can be harnessed to support the involvement of elderly people in digital society. The proposal intends to synthesise the skills, experience and knowledge of the consortium members by developing a state-of-the-art platform and service package backed with feasible business models which supports the on time and on budget realisation and market introduction of the call objectives.

The project focuses on providing an enriched communication experience, anywhere, anytime and to any device with accessible, intuitive, easy to use, multimodal User Interfaces. We believe that the right service and the right content is only accepted by the end-users if it is delivered on the right device, one that they are used to. This can be a tablet, the screen of the television, mobile phones, etc.



The main objective of the proposed project is to provide the elderly people with the means of maintaining social relations by developing an easy to use and easy to understand communication platform with social and entertainment capabilities that can be easily upgraded with security and medical features. As a secondary objective we will address energy efficiency and the build-up of conscience by the elderly people, using the physical application and communication infrastructure to be put in place anyway, by providing information about the power consumption of the many devices at home, in an intuitive, entertaining and educative fashion.

Expected results and impact:

The main goal is to develop a framework to facilitate the provision of relevant service via the relevant channel for households with elderly people. The inclusion of elderly people in the digital society has to begin with the most common channel and interface they are used to, the television, and then the applied types of communication channels may expand. Our goal is to enable elderly people and their family to share their everyday experiences and help them make use of existing and currently developed multimedia services to generate the sense of closeness and community belonging they are searching for.

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Coordinator: Kecelcom Kft.

Duration: 36 Months

Starting Date: 03 May 2012

Total budget: 1.492.120 Euro

Public contribution: 1.132.870 Euro


Paris Gyorgy