The HERA platform’s architecture constitutes a pragmatic approach:
  • All service functionality is provided at an external application server, which is accessible over the public Internet;
  • The Internet-enabled TVs/Set-Top-Box provides the main Human Machine Interface for the elderly or the patient;
  • The application server may communicate with other home equipment such as medical devices.

HERA includes HYGEIA hospital and FRK (Austrian Red Cross) who ensure the direct involvement of elderly users throughout the project lifetime. The consortium will carry out different installations of the platform in individual elderly households as well as centrally (at HYGEIA and FRK premises) so as to prove the efficiency of the HERA results and ensure that the final outcome really meets end user and market needs.


The main project objectives include the design, development and deployment of the following main categories of services over the HERA platform:

  • Cognitive reinforcement services
  • Physical reinforcement services
  • Patient specific home care services
  • General home care services for elderly

Expected results and impact

Fig: cognitive reinforcement games

The project results will be:

  • The HERA cognitive reinforcement personalised services and the physical reinforcement personalised services with intelligent multimodal interfaces;
  • The HERA patient specific home care personalised services with intelligent multimodal interfaces;
  • The HERA general home care personalised services with intelligent multimodal interfaces;
  • The HERA platform with specialised services for elderly people suffering from MCI or mild/moderate AD or other diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular) with identified risk factors.


Partners involved in the HERA project

Organization Type Country Website
A1 Telekom Austria AG Large Industry Austria www.telekom.at
ALCATEL-LUCENT Deutschland AG Large Industry Germany www.alcatel-lucent.com
SingularLogic S.A SME Greece www.singularlogic.eu
SOLINET GmbH SME France www.singularlogic.eu
Paris Descartes University R&D Germany www.univ-paris5.fr
RotesKreuz End User Austria www.roteskreuz.at
  • Project name: Home sERvices for specialised elderly Assisted living
  • Website: www.aal-hera.eu
  • Coordinator: A1 Telekom Austria AG
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.10.2009
  • Total budget: € 2.549.293,28
  • Public contribution€ 1.575.350


DI Dr. Manuchehr Ghazanfari

E.: manuchehr.ghazanfari@a1telekom.at

T.: +43 664 66 28136

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