The HEROES platform expands the state-of-art of AAL projects, video recruiting and job placement platforms by:
1) Providing a much-needed workforce of caregivers to local health and care systems
2) Creating remote, inclusive employment for older people by re-defining the prerecorded video interview concept and technology to allow remote participation, from anywhere and at any age.
3) Fostering inter-generational action learning. The project applies the action learning principles to create a self-sustainable learning community.
4) Building diverse ecosystems at the community level, by engaging multiple stakeholder.
5) Increasing quality of life with an easy to use the platform, co-created with end-users. The project aims to measure the impact on well-being using WHOQOL-BREF.
6) Changing public decision making around age and employment. We aim to derive fact-based insights into the individual work patterns older people and to share them with decision-makers.

The project focuses primarily on two different end-user groups:
a) Recruiters, i.e families and care homes who can find suitable candidates via the platform
b) Reviewers, i.e. older people and nurses


Recruiting a trustworthy caregiver is a time-consuming and frustrating process. Families have neither the time nor the experience to choose among candidates. Care homes invest precious time to screen many candidates until they find the right ones. HEROES aims to build a platform that makes hiring caregivers fast and cost effective.

The platform will connect:
1) a community of older people and nurses that screen and rate candidates online (i.e. reviewers);
2) families and care homes looking for trustworthy caregivers (i.e recruiters);
3) individuals with formal or informal experience as caregivers and who are looking for work (i.e. candidates);

Expected Results and Impact

Project HEROES aims to create a recruitment platform for all ages that is easy to use and friendly, with a UX measurement score of at least 80. As one of the key objectives is to improve the quality of life of older people by engaging them in recruiting activities, we expect at least 5% increase in the quality of life of people using the platform (measured using, for ex. WHOQOL – BREF). Since the social impact is key, we aim to engage 75+ retirees, nurses and families during field trials in 5 separate communities. The pilots aim to have a balanced gender representation.

Finally, we will track the success of the recruitment process, aiming to have more than 80% recommendations accepted by recruiters and at least 30% promoters and not more than 30% detractors among recruiters.


Partners in the project

Organization Type Country Website
The Care Hub SRL SME Romania www.thecarehub.ro
Institute for Ageing Research End user Switzerland www.ost.ch/en
FH Kärnten - gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH R&D Austria www.iara.ac.at
terzStiftung End User Switzerland www.terzstiftung.ch
rapid user feedback GmbH SME Austria www.userfeedback.at
Tricubiq Solutions SRL SME Romania www.tricubiq.com
  • Project name: HEROES
  • Coordinator: The Care Hub SRL (Romania)
  • Duration: 30 Months
  • Starting Date: 05/04/2021
  • Total budget: € 1,543,126
  • Public contribution: € 989,434


Monica Moldovan

E.: Mona.moldovan@thecarehub.ro

T.:  +40748209933

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