The HOMEdotOLD project aims to provide a TV-based platform with cost-effective services that will be delivered in a personalised and intuitive way and will advance the social interaction of elderly people, aiming at improving the quality and joy of their home life, bridging distances and reinforcing social voluntariness and activation, thus preventing isolation and loneliness.

HOMEdotOLD will be primarily based on the Philips NetTV platform and secondarily on the A1TA AonTV platform. More specifically, the whole bouquet of services will be implemented and provided to the users of the Greek, Austrian and Dutch pilot sites.

The HOMEdotOLD consortium includes three partners who ensure the direct involvement of elderly users throughout the project lifetime, including requirements collection phase of the project, as well as the pilot trial activities that will take place at least twice during the project.


HOMEdotOLD is an ICT-based project that uses the TV medium in order to deliver a number of cost-effective services to elderly people. The targeted services are expected to advance the social interaction of elderly people by bridging distances and reinforcing social voluntariness and activation, thus preventing isolation and loneliness.

The project main objectives are to provide a technological platform to provide services allowing the elderly to stay socially active and to bridging distances and supporting elderly people’s existing roles.


Expected results and impact

  • Personal motivation services, i.e. services for staying socially active, preventing loneliness and isolation, enabling voluntariness, motivation and activation;
  • Social networking services: i.e. services for bridging distances and supporting existing role;
  • The business plan for the deployment of the HOMEdotOLD  services;


Partners involved in the HOMEdotOLD project

Organization Type Country Website
SingularLogic S.A. SME Greece www.singularlogic.eu
A1 Telecom Austria Large Industry Austria www.telekom.at
Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V. Large Industry Netherlands www.philips.com
TELETEL SA Large Industry Greece www.teletel.eu
SOLINET GmbH Telecommunications SME Germany www.solinet.com
LifeTool gemeinnuetzige GmbH SME Austria www.lifetool.at
National Foundation for the Elderly End User Netherlands www.ouderenfonds.nl
  • Project name: Home services advancing the social interaction of elderly people
  • Website: www.homedotold.eu
  • Coordinator: SingularLogic S.A. Information Systems and Software Applications
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.10.2010
  • Total budget: € 3.305.458
  • Public contribution: € 1.763,817


Gianna Tsakou

E.: gtsakou@singularlogic.eu

T.: +30 210 6266151

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