ICT for ageing well.



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Hope is a budgeted solution that is installed at elderly people’ homes, and provides services for (a) a life-long, self-organised, appropriate educational environment and access to information, (b) care management and health support, (c) self-monitoring and decision making.

The HOPE solution consists of an integrated, smart platform that manages a smart home with different functionalities for security, fall detection and communication. The system can be split up into two main blocks: the Server Block and the Home Block, which represent the main agent and every subsystem at each elderly user’s home respectively.

Home Block

The Home Block covers functionalities associated to each person’s environment monitoring, indicating alarms when necessary.

Server Block

The Server Block is responsible of the “thinking”, decision-making functionalities of the system, including the following ones:

  • Storage of all information from any Home System
  • Alarm service in case of a fall detection to caregivers and relatives.
  • Common information used by services or applications at Home block or used by related or doctors applications.
  • Evaluation of information and provision of rules for estimating the most appropriate scenario
  • Synchronisation with all Home databases
  • Interfaces for relatives and doctors to access the different 

Independent life for Seniors

The Hope” solution consists of an integrated, smart platform that enables the elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease to use innovative technology for a more independent life, easy access to information, monitor their health, which provides a basis for integrating services for the elderly population while they are at home. HOPE is a self-operated, self-adjusted, innovative intelligent IP Based Universal Control Box (UCB) that uses intelligence to manage the various connected subsystems and devices inside the houses of elderly people.

Expected results and impact:

Monitoring Patients

The HOPE project will support the elderly people to go on with their daily tasks without, for example, being afraid to leave an appliance ON or not remember the ingredients for preparing their or others’ meals. With HOPE, they will continue to feel useful and capable to participate in life.

For the elderly people with advanced illness, the benefit of using HOPE on their quality of life will be significantly important. The HOPE application can monitor the patients so they will not leave the house, turn off appliances that can be turned on accidentally etc. But most importantly, when the system senses that there is a problem (for example the patient is starting to panic), it will talk to him or her, or even automatically inform one of the relatives.



Rhodes Telematics SA (RTEL)
Unita Operativa Geriatra-Ricerca Gerontologia-GeriatriaEnd-UserItaly
Andalusian Centre of Innovation, ICT (CITIC Foundation)R&
CETEMMSA Technological CentreR&

Coordinator: Rhodes Telematics SA (RTEL), Greece

Duration: 24 Months

Starting Date: 07 July 2009

Total budget: € 2.138.094,00

Public contribution: € 1.029.199, 00


Name: Dimitri Kilias
Phone: +30 22410 61031
Address: 1st klm Rhodes-Kallithea Ave, Rhodes 85100 Greece