ICT for ageing well.



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The partners of the project will develop a digital infrastructure of social housing and a gateway to their services. Within the project, the proposed idea is (i) to raise awareness of independent control among older consumers in selecting their own appropriate responses to requirements for a self-serve solution system; (ii) to improve the life of the elderly living in the current social house park, by developing the digital infrastructure of the social housing and giving a better access to their services; (iii) to provide the elderly in social housing with a large panel of ICT services and ease communication with and between their service providers and the “circle of support” composed of the family and local services, both public and private.


The aimed solution is to provide easy-to-use technologies and services in social housing flats to allow a better quality of communication and a better access to package services from the elders; by experimenting a European model of “connected flats” for older people, characterised by specific equipments enabling easier relations with, family, service providers and housing operators, through enriched supports (images, text, voice, documents) the host project should:

  • Bring more comfort of living to the elders
  • Reinforce social inclusion (with friends, family, administrations, social operators…)
  • Allow a longer stay in their house
Expected results and impact:

The expected impacts on a European scale will be:

  • An overall assessment (technology, usage, interface, contents, communication…) of  such a device to capitalise on the project management
  • Experimentation of business models for service providers, social housing operators and elderly tenants (what kind of opportunities induced by mutualisation?)
  • A cross fertilisation process between different countries and different practices that could contribute to a long term “share of experiences”
  • The sketch of a standard architecture to help the spread of related projects


OPAC du RhôneUser organisationFrance
Nottingham Community HousingUser organisationUnited Kingdom
National Research Council Construction Technologies InstituteResearchItaly
Conseil Général du Rhône / ERASMEResearchFrance
Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble 1UniversityFrance
Triple PlaySMEUnited Kingdom
University of Valencia/ Polibienestar UniversitySpain

Coordinator: Françoise ABRY Responsable Qualité de Service et Gestion du Peuplement

Duration: 30 Months

Starting Date: 01 May 2011

Total budget: € 4 774 086,57

Public contribution: € 2 290 680


Françoise ABRY
Responsable Qualité de Service et Gestion du Peuplement
194 rue Duguesclin, 69433 Lyon Cedex 03
Tel. +33 (0)4 78 95 51 05
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