The used technology of the bundle includes communication tools like voice recognition, tablet, a security system, a network-based solution to seek and receive neighborhood help, as well as a smart home automation system.

The bundle aims to support the autonomy mobility and activity of participants. It should help them to live a healthy, active and meaningful life without having to worry about personal safety. This should be realized by the development of need- oriented use cases.

From the scientific perspective it is the goal to gain insights on the effects of such assistive solutions on the quality of life as well as socio-economic viability of such solutions.

In sum, 810 primary end-users should be integrated into the project i-evAALution. Goal is to find statistical evidence on the impacts on quality of Life, the perceived usability and the socio-economic viability of the solution bundle. Therefore, 405 test persons as well as a control group of the same size will be participating.


The overall objective of i-evAALution is to combine assistive technologies with modern consumer and communication products in order to support elderly persons in daily life. Therefore the technology bundle will be integrated and tested inside of 405 households divided among the participating countries (AT, NL, IT, SL). To support the everyday life of the persons, functionalities of the solutions are combined with each other. Test persons will receive support in many meaningful areas of daily life (comfort, security, social interaction, mobility).

Expected results and impact

  • Design of a holistic ICT-based AAL bundle with positive business cases for potential payers and market players
  • Tackle the interoperability and integration between single AAL solutions
  • Integrate the preselected AAL solutions with widespread and fast-growing standard ICT-solutions as well as arising artificial intelligence based products and services for the consumer market
  • Realize a long-term study to overcome the lack of statistical evidence
  • New insights in needs of elderly persons in connection with technology and their surroundings
  • Evidence on the socio-economic viability should provide arguments for policy-makers and public financers so that in the long-run lead all end-users have an easier access to AAL technologies.


Partners involved in the i-evAALution project

Organization Type Country Website
University of Innsbruck R&D Austria www.uibk.ac.at
Eurac Research R&D Italy www.eurac.edu
University of Ljubljana R&D Slovenia www.uni-lj.si
Vilans - Centre of expertise for long-term care End User The Netherlands www.vilans.nl
FAWO GmbH SME Austria www.fawo.at
Johanniter Österreich End User Austria www.johanniter.at
S.O.S. ONLUS Cooperativa Operatori Socio Canitari End User Italy www.sosonlus.org
Eurotronik Kranj d.o.o. SME Slovenia www.eurotronik.si
2PCS Solutions GmbH SME Austria www.2pcs-solutions.com
Mieelo & Alexander B.V. SME The Netherlands www.mielooandalexander.com
  • Project name: i-evAALution – integrating and evaluating AAL solutions
  • Website: http://www.i-evaalution.eu/
  • Coordinator: University of Innsbruck, Department for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting date: 01.04.2018
  • Total budget: 3,04 mi €
  • Public contribution: 1,9 mi €


Kristina Förster

E.: Kristina.foerster@uibk.ac.at

T.: +43 (0) 512 570 512–8


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