Keeping seniors as they grow old anchored and involved in the society is beneficial on many levels. Seniors stay happy, fulfilled and independent while the society can continue to benefit from their knowledge and experience. Motivated by the excellent outcome of the NITICS project, selected as one of the AAL success stories, we exploit its innovation and extend the platform with new technologies and services for both indoor and outdoor support. In addition, integration with RAPP will provide autonomous, intelligent and adaptable features along with support from robotic platforms. The resulting INCARE platform will be modular, highly configurable and adaptable such as to be easily adopted and used by elderly with various backgrounds, cultures and age related impairments. In order to achieve this, we will involve INCARE end-users from 3 different countries in all design and development stages. Business aspects for the INCARE product will be addressed from both end-user perspective and market views of experts in relevant fields.


The INCARE project is addressing the recognized need of integrative technological solutions for sustainable elderly care. Within INCARE, we will turn national and European funded projects into viable products by building on two successful solutions developed within previous AAL and European projects.  Both NITICS, funded within the AAL 2012 call, and RAPP, funded 2013-2016 through the EC through the 7th Framework Programme FP7, were designed to support elderly people to live independently in their home environment and social circle. Read more about these projects at NITICS and RAPP.


Expected results and impact

INCARE is designed to support seniors to live independently and reduce or optimize the amount of care they require. The success of INCARE will be considered against qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators such as user satisfaction (no lower than 80%), acceptance rate 70-75%, reduced caregiver burden, etc. The INCARE solution is planned to reach the market in maximum 2 years after project completion. Our current business model deals with monthly service fees from the end-consumer for their in-use INCARE modules based on micropayment (e.g. 9.50 EUR per module, month and account).


Partners involved in the INCARE project

Organization Type Country Website
Centrul IT pentru Stiinta si Tehnologie SME Romania
ECLEXYS Sagl SME Switzerland
University Politehnica of Bucharest R&D Romania
IZRIIS Institute for research, intergenerational relations, gerontology and ICT End User Slovenia
Warsaw University of Technology R&D Poland
The Unit for Social Innovation and Research „Shipyard“ End User Poland
Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research R&D Hungary
Softic Ltd. SME Hungary
  • Project name: Integrated Solution for Innovative Elderly Care
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: S.C. Centrul IT pentru Stiinta si Tehnologie
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting date: 01.10.2018
  • Total budget: 2,2 mi €
  • Public contribution: 1,2 mi €


Oana Cramariuc





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