ICT for ageing well.



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InclusionSociety provides a preventive health solution for senior citizens at home & in institutions, by providing a management portal with an overview of Service Users condition and data collected by medical & “smart home” sensors. The care manager on duty can focus on preventive health principals through knowing where to act.  The solution consists of: The homePad – a user friendly intuitive touch screen tablet; The friends & family portal – facilitating easy communication & remote care between Service Users & their families; And the nursePad – designed with high usability & EMR function for nurses visiting senior citizens at home or in institutions. The Care Management System is for Service Providers or Municipal Health Services & gives the central care office an updated overview of those at home through an alerts system as well alarm warnings in emergency situations.


Inclusion Society is a connected service system which will support organisations delivering an improved community care service. The aim is to help people adapt their lifestyle, improve their health, and feel connected. InS aims to encourage a change in behaviour by applying motivational techniques and thinking. The client uses a tablet PC and records health data via smart sensors. Social interaction with family, friends and care providers is supported by a network of cloud ‘portals’. InS will provide preventive health care for senior citizens at home and institutions, improving their security and quality of life.

Expected results and impact:

The development of InclusionSociety will deliver 4 modules, where at an early stage homePad and the friends & family portal can be installed. The system will grow with their demands to cover the demands of care by bridging the homePad to a Care Management System at the Service Provider’s centre. Furthermore, when there will be a demand for medical support, the nursePad will be linked to follow-up in home or in institutions for senior citizens.  InclusionSociety will meet the goals to give senior citizens an opportunity to stay longer at home with a higher quality of life as well as improving the use of the municipality facilities.



Hospital Organiser
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Coordinator: Hospital Organiser AS Lysker w/ Oslo, Norway

Duration: 36 Months

Starting Date: 01 March 2012

Total budget: € 1.583.790

Public contribution: € 813.839


Thorhallur Gudmundsson
Hospital Organiser AS
Lysker w/ Oslo, Norway
tel: 00 47 913 43 943