IOANNA offers an integrated solution that combines various services that can be found in different existing applications, plus some new innovative ones, into one platform. By regularly taking into account the users’ requests, we will put together already successful projects that did not hit the market, or did not fully unfold their potentials yet, providing one product that will get incorporated to everyday life, be intuitively useful, personalized, and recycle the knowledge that senior adults hold in their hands. This ICT-based solution will contribute to enhancing the quality of life of senior and other citizens in multiple dimensions, like health, wellness, home environment, social inclusion and communication. The findings of the user needs analysis will recursively help the development of better user environment and services that seniors would need the most. The biggest challenge to be addressed is a smartphone or tablet application that would be appealing for senior adults to be used as part of their everyday life.


IOANNA offers an integrated solution that combines various services into one platform. It helps its (mainly senior) users feel safe to walk around the city, continue being active citizens by finding an interesting temporary job or community service opening, thus, boosting their self-confidence, keeping in the same time their care-takers relaxed that if something happens, they will get automatically notified. An easy-to-use and friendly interface will help seniors find the store they are looking for, a specific product in good price near their location or offers that they would otherwise miss.

Expected results and impact

The final product will be an online platform (web or smartphone/tablet application). The amount of users and their opinion of the platform will be a strong indication of whether the outcome will be successful. The use of IOANNA will be beneficial for the stores, as such we expect them to be among the regular end-users. Statistics of stores using the platform will offer an insight of the change in the market share with IOANNA’s use. We expect that senior adults will now be more confident to stay alone at home or go out and do the everyday activities that they used to do.


Partners involved in the IOANNA project

Organization Type Country Website
GeoImaging Ltd SME Cyprus
Ideable solutions, SL SME Spain
Ana Aslan International Foundation End User Romania
EasyLife SME Italy
ESKILARA S. Koop. Txikia SME Spain
SingularLogic Romania Computer Application SRL Large Industry Romania
  • Project name: Integration Of All stores Network & Navigation Assistant
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: GeoImaging Ltd
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting date: 01.04.2018
  • Total budget: 1.52 mi €
  • Public contribution: 0.94 mi €


Vasilis Giannoglou


T.: +35 797 826 784


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