It is crucial to secure a safe environment for the elderly dementia sufferers and their caregivers. In addition to medical therapy, there are non-pharmacological interventions, with new technologies and tele-medicine becoming more and more available. The project includes an assessment of needs of people with mild cognitive decline and dementia and development of user-friendly solutions addressing:  safety at home, support of spatial orientation outside home, detection of falls and motor agitation, monitoring activity and sleep pattern.  Conducting a study among people with cognitive impairment will likely lead to development of ready-to-use solutions based on information and communication technologies (ICT) supporting dementia sufferers and their carers. Education of  medical staff, social services and the society through dissemination of the study results will increase awareness of people, contribute to creating dementia-friendly communities and promote active participation of older people in the society.

The IONIS project addresses the needs of people with dementia and intends to exploit NITICS innovation and extend the platform with new technologies and services for both indoor and outdoor support. IONIS will build on the AAL NITICS platform and thus offer fully integrated and validated solutions, namely through targeted pilots, for health monitoring, home automation, personal agenda with reminders, alerts, caregiver administrative tools (e.g. administrative tools for several users, sensor settings) and profile.


Due to ageing of the populations, increasing number of elderly people experience progressive cognitive decline and suffer from dementia including Alzheimer’s disease. Symptoms affecting people with dementia create an enormous challenge to healthcare and social support systems, as well as individual caregivers. Needs of people with cognitive decline depend on the stage of disease and may vary from occasional support to close supervision. However, cognitive decline is often under-diagnosed and needs of support remain unrecognised causing failure in providing safe environment for dementia sufferers.

The IONIS project addresses the needs of people with dementia and is motivated by the successful work and excellent final evaluation of the AAL NITICS (Networked InfrasTructure for Innovative home Care Solutions – Call). IONIS intends to exploit NITICS innovation and extend the platform with new technologies and services for both indoor and outdoor support in order provide a wide range of dementia specific solutions through continuous support to people with dementia when they are at home or outside.

Expected results and impact

The expected results of the project may be viewed in three dimensions:

  1. Individual : Supporting older people with cognitive decline and their caregivers with ICT solutions will augment their safety and lower risk of harmful events, as well as facilitate their active participation in life.
  2. Links between science and business: Cooperation of partners with different backgrounds (technical sciences, medicine, social sciences) in the project will contribute to the development of best possible solutions ready to be placed on the market.
  3. Society level: Creating dementia-friendly communities and changing attitudes towards people with dementia.


Partners involved in the IONIS project

Organization Type Country Website
ECLEXYS Sagl SME Switzerland
Centrul IT pentru Stiinta si Tehnologie End User / SME Romania
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest R&D Romania
IZRIIS Institute for research, intergenerational relations, gerontology and ICT End User Slovenia
Alzheimer Slovenia - Spominčica End User Slovenia
Warsaw University of Technology R&D Poland
Department of Geriatrics Warsaw End User Poland
Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research R&D Hungary
Őszi Napsugár Otthon End User Hungary
Softic Ltd. SME Hungary
  • Project name : Indoor and outdoor NITICSplus solution for dementia challenges
  • Website:
  • Coordinator : ECLEXYS Sagl
  • Duration : 30 months
  • Starting date : 01.10.2017
  • Total budget : 2,309,150.00 €
  • Public contribution : 1,594,468.00 €


Angelo Consoli


T.: +41 91 600 00 00



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