ICT for ageing well.



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Join-In aims to support the AAL Joint Programme by setting up a social platform and thus creating an environment that enables elderly people to communicate; socialise; play communicative multiplayer computer games; and exercise either by exergames or by moderated exercises. Join-In will support people in maintaining and making contact with others by sharing similar interests -foremost on a regional basis- and will facilitate the contact with their family and friends. Multiplayer video gaming, exergames and exercising in a group are considered key activities for attracting senior citizens to the network.


Join-In will assess the user requirements aims to develop a methodology on how to best attract the target group to such a network. The technical developments of the project include:

  • a technical platform that connects to PCs or TVs with an interactive web-enabled set-top box;
  • the customisation of access facilities, such as controllers and adaptation of games which take into account the constraints of senior citizens;
  • the development of computer-/ exergames and virtual exercising for the targeted user group.

Join-In aims to provide a means for elderly homebound people to escape social isolation. It will enable and enforce communication by providing the necessary technologies and by offering activities that encourage socialising. Within the project Join-In will offer a variety of activities to motivate, but also to activate the elderly: communication by social networking, multi-player gaming, exergaming and virtual exercising. This will help the seniors to keep active and promote health – as preliminary studies have demonstrated. The activities will be accessible via PC or TV and set-top box. The users will be involved in the project development at all stages.

Expected results and impact:
Join-In will set up a social platform which will include online socialising, multiplayer gaming, group exercises, exergames, sharing experiences/chat clubs and other activities resulting from the user requirement analysis.
Developments include the social platform accessible by PC or TV and set top box, customised controllers, a multiplayer game, an exergame, exercising  for the elderly and a motivation methodology. Join-In will contribute to the goals of AAL and have a vital impact on the target group’s well-being and add to their quality of life
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Coordinator: German Research Centre for Environmental Health, Claudia Hildebrand

Duration: 36 Months

Starting Date: 01 November 2010

Total budget: € 3.033.000

Public contribution: € 1.796.000


Claudia Hildebrand
Helmholtz Zentrum München
German Research Centre for Environmental Health
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