In MagicTABLE we want to increase the ‘happy moments’ during the day of people with dementia. We will involve people with dementia and their carers in interviews and co-design phases for the home based serious gaming MagicTABLE platform. Based on the insights from literature research and multiple interview rounds in three countries, three concepts (i.e. drawing of the concept and program of requirements) will be designed that could enhance quality of life with elderly people with dementia in the home situation. These three concepts will be further co-designed and tested in three rounds together with end-users in Italy, The Netherlands, and Romania (with 7 couples) to understand whether the concept could work in different cultural contexts. From these iterative tests, insights will be gathered and translated into one combined and improved concept.


Across Europe there is an increasing shift from centralized intramural care to decentralized extramural care, with a major role and responsibility for care organisations to provide care in the community and tools to support independent living. In the MagicTABLE project we want to bring the intramural serious game system, the ‘Tovertafel’, to the AAL home environment and iteratively evaluate the concept in three (small) pilot settings across Europe; Italy, The Netherlands, & Romania.

Expected results and impact

  • Primary and secondary end-users are involved in the pilot test cases in a way that is suitable to them, their contexts and abilities and they are satisfied with the experience and likely to repeat the play experience and recommend the MagicTABLE platform to peers.
  • User friendly, demand driven (development of) game-based AAL technologies for end-users.
  • Ongoing monitoring of user needs and impact analyses with the primary end-users in focus groups and co-design sessions in three EU settings (The Netherlands, Romania & Italy).
  • Marketability of MagicTABLE eco-system after the conclusion of the project and possible continuation of development in a larger collaborative AAL project.


Partners involved in the MagicTABLE project

Organization Type Country Website
Vilans R&D The Netherlands
Active Cues SME The Netherlands
Lyvore End User The Netherlands
University of Bucharest End User Romania


Henk Herman Nap


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