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The MEMENTO project mission is to improve the quality of life of people in early and middle stage of dementia, by supporting the management of daily activities that are usually affected by the loss of memory and cognition, while at the same time collect timely warning signs and symptoms of more severe memory loss, changes in the ability of following a plan, changes in mood and other indicators relevant to understand the progress of the disease. Although memory loss affects each person differently, there are some characteristics that are relatively common in people with dementia. Most people with dementia remember early memories clearly than recent events.

They may recall a surprising range of facts or experiences, especially earlier memories, even though they are very forgetful about other things such as recent events or familiar situations. By introducing MEMENTO services in the daily life of people with dementia, we expect to introduce a game changer solution in the independent living market arena. The project aims at support three common areas in which people with memory loss experience difficulties, such as remembering events, taking in new information, recognizing people and places.

The Pilot will be organized not only to test in a realistic user environment the MEMENTO platform usability and acceptance but also to verify the expected increase of Quality of life level for both primary and secondary end users in three countries – Spain Austria and Italy. 15 primary end-users (5 in each of the three pilot site) will be selected as Test group and 15 primary end-users (5 in each of the three pilot site) as Control Group.


MEMENTO provides a solution to help people with dementia to life with a decline of memory – short term memory as well as long term memory. MEMENTO provides a tool to create own set of memories in everyday life. It’s your own picture, voice and video diary.

Expected results and impact:

The MEMENTO solution comprises of three different devices such as the all-day device, the digital blackboard and the smart pen. The all-day device helps people with dementia to record voice notes, video clips and snapshots and give small information about places and people or notes which have been stored by themselves. The digital blackboard provides different features such as sharing memories, write daily reminders in the form of digital post-it and an interactive digital calendar supporting the daily task organization and the health related reminders (e.g. drug intake). Finally, a smart pen to note down notes to notebooks while motivating the users to draw and make sketches and to explain things which have an engaging and motivating influence on people with dementia.

Virtualware 2007 S.ASME
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Medical University of ViennaR&DAustria
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Coordinator: Virtualware 2007 S.A.

Duration: 30 Months

Starting Date: 01 May 2017

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Jon Arambarri