mHealthINX users will be able to measure, assess, and elaborate on the personal stress level in a mobile and unobtrusive way. The system will indicate critical stress levels and suggest personalized and context-sensitive interventions to support users in managing current- and future stressful situations. Additionally, the mHealthINX system will provide an entirely novel intervention eXperience, which uses synergies between classical, mobile device-based interventions and innovative Virtual Reality (VR)-based and gamification-based interventions. The mHealthINX project will include primary end-users (individual 50+ employees) and secondary end-users (e.g., companies and health-promoting agencies) directly and extensively into the design, the development, and the exploitation phase. Representatives of tertiary end-users (e.g., public service providers and insurance companies) will participate in additional stakeholder workshops. Their feedback will be used to strengthen the mHealthINX market position and for the development of public engagement strategies.


Age-related decline of physical and cognitive abilities produces often stressful situations for older employees. Especially at an older age, occupational stress is a key risk factor for developing mental disorders or cardiovascular diseases. In recent years many Apps have emerged trying to tackle the topic but with the main problem of are lacking clinical evidence. Besides, they miss a holistic approach because they are not co-designed with the target group. In contrast to that, the mHealthINX solution will provide a user-friendly, coherent, and holistic solution for supporting older employees in occupational stress management and mental health provision.

Expected Results and Impact:

The mHealthINX solution will provide a user-friendly, coherent and holistic solution to support older employees in managing their stress level and in promoting their mental health. It will combine advantages of assessment using self-reported and objective bio signal-based measures with advantages of App- and VR-based interventions. The solution will prove its effectiveness in the field. The strong business- and end-user-oriented consortium, having access to various stakeholders, and the low-cost hardware design are promising factors for making the mHealthINX solution very fast attractive to the market.


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH R&D Austria
Medical University of Vienna R&D Austria GmbH SME Austria
Creagy AG SME Switzerland
ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences R&D Switzerland
tanteLouise End Users Netherlands
MedRecord B.V. SME Nertherlands
GameSolutionsLab B.V. SME Netherlands
terzStiftung End Users Switzerland
Ovos media gmbh SME Austria
  • Project name: The mental Health eXperience; Indication – iNtervention – eXperience (mHealthINX)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting date: 03/2020
  • Total budget: € 2.900.000
  • Public contribution: € 1.800.000


Dr. Miroslav Sili


T.: +43 50550 4801


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