Elderly will increasingly look for useful, user friendly and personalised ICT services that add value to their active and mobile life and that can help them to stay active despite various impairments.  Users are involved throughout the process. User requirements have been elicited from three countries, Norway, Spain and Romania,  Two innovative services are provided for the advancements of older people’s independence and mobility in the daily life, including in particular transportation and travel.  The means is instantiated by a personal agent on the smartphone, which provides a help-on-demand service. This service offers relevant, accessible, and usable content upon request, in the form of multi-modal and personalised instruction and guidance, enabling people to help themselves. The main target group of the MobileSage service is elderly persons with or without disabilities (motor, perception, cognition), MobileSage also enables and promotes the users’ own generation of such help providing accessible and usable content. 


The objective of MobileSage is to provide elderly people with context-sensitive, personalised and location-sensitive tools which allow them to carry out and solve everyday tasks and problems when and were they occur, “just-in-time”. Modern elderly live longer, are healthier, more active, mobile, independent and more demanding customers than ever before They will increasingly look for useful, user-friendly and personalised ICT services that add value to their active and mobile life and that can help them to stay active despite various impairments.  Here MobileSage provides a timely approach and solution.

Expected results and impact

The MobileSage services will considerably ease the understanding of everyday devices and machines and increase the independence of primary end-users by providing help for self-help and stimulate their own problem solving skills in everyday life. It will also lighten the burden for family members, care persons, and other secondary end-users as the primary end-user will be enabled to solve daily challenges in an independent manner. Also, NGOs for the elderly are likely to find the services valuable and useful.

Mobile Sage


Partners involved in the MobileSage project

Organization Type Country Website
Norwegian Computing Center (Coordinator) R&D Norway
Seniornett End User Norway
TeamNet SME Romania
University of Ulster (subcontractor) R&D United Kingdom
Telefonica I & D (Telefonica Investigación y Desarrollo) Large Industry Spain
Ruter SME Norway
Ana Aslan Interntional Foundation R&D Romania
  • Project name: MobileSage – Situated Adapted Guidance for the Mobile Elderly
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Norwegian Computing Center
  • Duration: 30 Months
  • Starting Date: 07.07.2011
  • Total budget: € 2.398.645,00
  • Public contribution: € 1.242.822


Ivar Solheim


T.: +4722852596

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