The innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) platform and tools developed in tight collaboration with end-users (older adults, formal and informal carers) will enable the simultaneous training of at least 4 older adults with similar needs. The MOTION environment will feature specific ergonomic interfaces and tools both for the coach, to allow simultaneous and safe management of users and for the end-user, to facilitate the usage and minimise ICT maintenance needs. The participation of specialists in physical training for older adults and of end-users both as consortium partners in the definition of user requirements and through a large pilot assessment in two different countries will ensure that the service is completely adapted to the end-users’ logic and ensure its acceptance. MOTION also involves leading technology SMEs with specific expertise in ICT. Academic partners will provide input for the assessment of the solution as well as some exploratory developments which may enhance the service in the future.


The mission of MOTION is to increase the life expectancy, independence and quality of life of older adults through a novel holistic ICT-based service for remote multi-user physical training of older adults at home by specialised coaches, thereby enabling a totally new level of physical training effectiveness.

Expected results and impact

The direct result of the MOTION project will be the overall MOTION service supported through a dedicated ICT platform. Ideally the consortium wishes to commercialise the service within a few months after the project.

Furthermore, MOTION is expected to have a substantial impact on public health and associated costs. Physical activities allow the older adults to stay at home longer and thereby substantially decreased costs for assistance.


Partners involved in the MOTION project

Organization Type Country Website
Siel Bleu End User France
M3 Connect GmbH SME Germany
CUP 2000 S.p.A Large Industry Italy
CRP Henri Tudor R&D Luxembourg
University Bologna R&D Italy
Arx iT SA SME Switzerland
  • Project name: Remote Home-Physical Training for Seniors
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Siel Bleu
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.09.2013
  • Total budget: € 4.100.000
  • Public contribution: € 2.300.000


Jean-Pierre Savary


T.: +33 1 46 62 00 73

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