The primary end-users of the Mylife service are older persons with reduced cognitive abilities, and the secondary end-users are formal or informal caregivers. The service-model in the targeted areas of the Mylife project is based on the concept of software as a service, i.e., software that is freely available over the internet and is deployed to run on a smartphone with touch-screen. The Mylife project includes:

  • Development of a spectre of Mylife functions important for the user’s self-serve.
  • Development of a Norwegian, English and German version, and adaptation to cultural/legal differences/requirements.
  • Development of methodology, including ethical aspects, for trials to evaluate how the service meets the needs of individual primary end-users. User tests (HCI) and field trials (system and service) in three European countries.
  • Dissemination and exploitation of the results European-wide.



The objective of Mylife is to support independence for older people with reduced cognitive function by giving them access to simple and intuitive services that are adapted to their individual needs and wishes. The ambition of the Mylife project is to provide network-based access to, and management of, commercially and/or freely available software, and activities managed from the secondary end-uses’ locations enabling the primary end-users to access Mylife applications remotely via the internet. The final service offered by Mylife supports time-orientation, communication and recreational activities.

Expected results and impact

MyLife help

The expected outcome of Mylife for the primary end-users will be (1) increased independence and well-being in home environments, (2) decreased social isolation and thereby increased participation, (3) stimulation of cognitive abilities, and (4) self-services based on Internet-enabled applications. For the secondary end-users, the outcomes are: (1) simple and inspiring user instructions and (2) reduced stress caused by worries, repeated questions and calls, as well as passivity. Mylife will also create new business opportunities for SMEs and enable a greater uptake of electronic self-services.


Partners involved in the Mylife project

Organization Type Country Website
Karde AS SME / Large Industry Norway
Tellu AS SME / Large Industry Norway
Forget-me-not AS SME / Large Industry Norway
Sidsel Bjørneby Sole Proprietorship SME / Large Industry Norway
Housing21 End User United Kingdom
Trent Dementia Services and Development Centre End User United Kingdom
Berlin Institute for Social Research R&D Germany
  • Project name: Multimedia technology for independence and participation for people with dementia
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Karde AS, Norway
  • Duration: 20 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.04.2011
  • Total budget: € 1.059.973
  • Public contribution: € 620.335


Dr. Riitta Hellman


T.: +47-98211200

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