ICT for ageing well.



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Project MyMATE will develop a platform and content management system capable of addressing the different needs of the individual elderly user, (e.g. medical, pharmaceutical, bio-monitoring and physical characterization, evaluation of emotional state, physical activity, leisure activities, etc.). Unlike existing paradigms and approaches which use virtual visualisation techniques like avatars, the MyMATE environment will involve a community of elderly volunteers, coordinated from the elderly care centres/care providers, acting as “human sensors” responsible for providing the interface with the system in the elderly primary user’s home, thus providing the emotional and “human face” to the structure. An innovative gamification approach will lie at the heart of the MyMATE solution assigning “missions” and using a “matching” system assisting in establishing “harmonies” between profiles of elderly people. The gaming platform will be managed and monitored by competent professionals at elderly care centres.


The MyMATE aims to apply a gamification approach to create a network of motivated, healthy, agile elderly volunteers who will act as “human sensors” in the implementation of “care in the community” programmes for elderly people. The aim in project MyMATE is to develop a sustainable environment centred around an ICT- based solution that reconciles increased demand with limited resources, increases and facilitates the supply of informal care for adults, reduce the demand of care through prevention and fostering and structuring real relationships between real subjects.

Expected results and impact:

The MyMATE initiative has been conceived as a proposal to address the challenges for the future in caring for an aging population with scare resources. The potential social impact in creating a sustainable approach to care in the community through building a network of elderly people who, with the support of the professional care provider, have a structure and the means to help each other in their community, is high. In addition, the gamification of this process will increase the motivation of elderly volunteers and the elderly that needs more care and physical and emotional assistance.

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Ana Aslan International

Coordinator: Brainstorm Multimedia

Duration: 36

Starting Date: 11 November 2015

Total budget: 1.855.700€

Public contribution: 1.807.480€


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