ICT for ageing well.



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This system will be an innovative ICT-based solution for the ageing population, well contributing to improve the quality of life, autonomy, skills of this segment while reducing care costs of public healthcare. Even if the primary goal of the project is to create a physical device (hardware), it will also be essential to NACODEAL’s success to design an appropriate service model which fits the end-user’s needs. During the unwinding of this project, there will be a deep service model analysis based on the two organisations of end-users involved in the project. The initial services that the device will integrate are:

•“Technology wizard” services: aimed at helping elderly people to increase their participation within the ICT society (based on the LibreGeoSocial framework, online shopping and social communication services will be implemented)

•“Independent life” services: augmented reality guides aimed at supporting the elders during daily activities



The NACODEAL project will provide a new type of easy-to-use technology tools for elderly people, to enable them to actively face challenges related to daily life while keeping them connected to today’s Information Society. NACODEAL will provide a guidance service by using Augmented Reality, creating friendly guides, to enable elders to be self-sufficient despite their memory diseases and access online services which are relevant to them. NACODEAL will generate a portable device easy to use and easy to understand, taking into consideration their preferences.

Expected results and impact:

The NACODEAL project will have an important impact on helping elderly people in their daily tasks and keeping them involved in society. The resulting device will increase the time elderly people lead an independent life, reducing their need for Public health services. Moreover, innovative technologies, new techniques, new software, and better tools will also be developed through this project.



Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y LeónR&DSpain
Cooss MarcheEnd-usersItaly

Coordinator: Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y León, Spain

Duration: 30 Months

Starting Date: 01 October 2011

Total budget: € 2.543.314

Public contribution: € 1.014.411


Maite Cobo Abeytua
c/ Lopez Bravo 70 Burgos 09001
Burgos Spain