Aphasia is an acquired disorder of language that affects an individual’s comprehension and expression across the range of modes of communication (listening, reading, speaking, writing, gesture and calculation). Aphasia is common in older adult patients in the context of vascular or neurodegenerative disorders. Effective rehabilitation for aphasia is vital to recovery. ORACIA is engaging therapists and people with aphasia above 60 years old to develop this new digital therapeutic solution.  ORACIA’s main innovation and main technology developments will include a clinic backend for semi-automatic rehabilitation prescription with simultaneously integrated and combined cognition, speech and functional motor training exercises, exercises feedback and remote consultation, an artificial companion & coach that will be provided as a human-like virtual agent to mediate rehabilitation exercises, through visual, semantic and phonetic queues, and will be delivered as modular device that can be used at clinic and at home.


ORACIA will develop a new digital therapeutic solution to support home and technology-based rehabilitation for people with Aphasia. ORACIA addresses rehabilitation of Aphasia in a holistic perspective (speech and language therapy, physical therapy and cognitive training) with an intensive, high-repetition, task-oriented and task-specific therapy approach. ORACIA will generate economic and clinical impacts by reducing the costs associated with healthcare for aphasic patients and improving functional outcomes.

Expected Results & Impact:

ORACIA expected results and impact include:

  • Organizing pilots in 3 sites representing relevant environments
  • Deploying 70 units
  • Engaging 115 end-users
  • Expected ready to market by Q4 2026
  • Contributing to the internationalization of 2 EU based SMEs

Project Partners

Organization Type Country Website
Instituto Pedro Nunes R&D Portugal www.ipn.pt
NeuroInova SME Portugal www.neuroinova.com
Clinica Recuperação Funcional da Trindade End User Portugal https://www.linkedin.com/company/grupo-somos-sa%C3%BAde/
Rehazenter End User Luxembourg www.rehazenter.lu
Definition 12 SME Switzerland www.definition12.com
Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu End User Spain https://www.pssjd.org/
  • Project name: ORACIA – hOme-based Rehabilitation using an Artificial Companion for aphasIA
  • Website: https://oracia.eu
  • Coordinator: Instituto Pedro Nunes
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Starting Date01/03/2022
  • Total budget: € 1,320 000
  • Public contribution€ 920,000


João Quintas, PhD.

E.: jquintas@ipn.pt,

T.: +351910475791

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