The overall theme of ORASTAR is an investigation of the relevance and potential of context-aware oral-care support for the home-care sector as envisioned by the participating end-users. Specifically, ORASTAR will investigate the relevance and feasibility of the following new features and services: 1) user interfaces for homecare use,  2) context-aware sensors for creating an enhanced digital model of the users’ activities and status needed for homecare use, 3) an artificial intelligence (AI)-based decision support algorithm for combining sensor data with context data to automatically detect sub-optimal oral care patterns and sending information to caregivers and the elderly themselves, 4) the use of either manually or automatically captured images of the mouth cavity for remote tele-dentistry support which is deemed useful by both Danish and Norwegian dentists.


The ORASTAR project is planned as a short collaborative feasibility study aiming at creating a shared agenda between business and end-user partners for investigating the potential of extending the existing CARIOT BRUSH oral-care product for use in the homecare sector with the added features and services required for this sector.

Expected results and impact

Expected outcome of will be the ORASTAR product which will be ready for market introduction within 1 year following the end of the ORASTAR project, depending on the added features requested by the participating end-users. The ORASTAR product will have an impact on several levels, both on the elderly themselves, on their families and friends, on formal and informal caregivers, on the municipal care services, and dentistry services, as well as on the national level, by reducing the occurrence of preventable diseases and conditions, leading to less hospitalizations and visits to family doctor and the dentist. The ORASTAR project itself and the resulting dissemination activities will increase awareness of the challenges related to oral care, and point to new solutions.


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
MEDICA SME Denmark www.medicaconnect.dk
ZITEC SME Romania www.zitec.com
USTH End User Norway www.utviklingssenter.no/
  • Project name: A Feasibility Study on Using Ambient Assisted Living Technology to Support Toothbrushing Adherence in Elderly with Cognitive Impairments in the Home Care Setting (ORASTAR)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Medica Connect ApS
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Starting Date: 04/2021
  • Total budget: € 309,460.00
  • Public contribution:


Carsten Obel

E.: Carsten.obel@medicaconnect.dk

T.: +45 7070 7186


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