PerCiLight is a holistic project from analysis, to development and test. It includes the following milestones

• Co-creation, analysis and design
• Development of PerCiLight’s Lighting system
• Implementation of the digital user interface
• Testing, demonstration and evaluation at Bauneparken Nursing home
It is a collaborative project with a strong consortium set-up with both test site and companies with complementing competencies – from extensive experience within circadian lighting to nursing homes, expertise in lighting design, luminaire design, user interface, software and hardware.


PerCiLight is an international project that takes circadian lighting to the next level. With the existing, evidence-based Chromaviso Chroma Zenit solution as the starting point, we will develop a more personal and flexible circadian lighting. PerCiLight will be a digital and integrative solution with the aim to improve health, sleep and wellbeing among the individual elderly with dementia and their caretakers. PerCiLight will ensure a homely atmosphere and a user-friendly interface. Bauneparken Nursing home in Denmark will implement the solution in 16 apartments and evaluate the functionality and effects on both residents and staff.

Expected Results and Impact:

PerCiLight will improve quality of life and impact the users:

  • Elderly with dementia: Ensure a stable circadian rhythm, improve sleep and overall mental state, reduce fatigue, night activity and accidents.
  • Caretakers: Supporting the night shifts health and work conditions with blue-free night light, improve well-being, reduce stress and improve the work environment.

Nursing home organisation: Will offer better, personalised care and improved sense of home. Improved operational efficiency and quality and higher employee satisfaction.

Project partners

Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Chromaviso SME Denmark
Bauneparken Nursing Home End-Users Denmark
Schmelling* SME Denmark
lightsphere SME Switzerland
Grinn SME Poland
Antologic SME Poland
  • Project name: Personalized and Circadian active dynamic Lighting for demented elderly (PerCiLight)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Chromaviso
  • Duration30 months
  • Starting Date01/05/2022
  • Total budget: € 1 200 000
  • Public contribution€ 770 000


Hans Martin Kirkegaard


T.: +45 4010 2770

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