The core of the POSTHCARD platform is an engaging simulation were caregivers can practice daily life situations with Alzheimer patient. In the simulation users will be able to choose the way they interact with the patient and see whether their approach is successful. The simulation will be personalised to reflect the particularity of each situation and allows the best transfer of skills from the virtual to the real world. The simulation is based on an advanced interactive technology allowing a real time adaptation to the situation. The simulation will be available through a web application offering also others services identified as relevant. This communication channel will ease the access to the platform to a large customer basis. The tool is built based on users requirements collected during focus groups and interviews. Both the content of the simulation and its visual will be designed with the help of the end-user and its consistency with the needs will be validated through a large scale trial.


Daily care of Alzheimer patient is a daunting task for formal and informal caregivers that are at risk of exhaustion. The constant evolution of the illness requires to adapt constantly his strategy do deal with the changing behaviour. Although educational material exist, none is fully adapted to the specificity of each situation. With the POSTHCARD platform we will engage caregivers in the learning of adapted behaviours for a large range of situations that they encounter in their daily life. Thanks to POSTHCARD, the reduction of burden associated to home-care will allow Alzheimer patients to stay longer at home.

Expected results and impact

At the end of the project the platform will help all caregivers to deal with difficult daily situations while taking care of Alzheimer patients. The burden reduction made possible by our intervention will improve carers and patients wellness and help for longer home stay.

The Posthcard platform should be commercialised by the end of the project and be of interest for different customers and stakeholders such as family caregiver, home-care institution, retirement home and health insurance institutions.


Partners involved in the POSTHCARD project

Organization Type Country Website
University Hospitals of Geneva End User Switzerland
University of Geneva R&D Switzerland
Father Equipment SME Romania
ConnectedCare SME The Netherlands
University of Twente R&D The Netherlands
Alzheimer Netherlands End User The Netherlands
Vilans R&D The Netherlands
Brusano End User Belgium
  • Project name: PersOnalized SimulaTion Helping Caregivers to Cope with AlzheimeR Disease (POSTHCARD)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: University Hospitals of Geneva
  • Duration: 32 months
  • Starting date: 01.04.2018
  • Total budget: 2’065’463.31 €
  • Public contribution: 1’318’666.78 €


Frederic Ehrler


T.: +41 223 728 697

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