The ReMember-Me system will include daily sleep, activity and mood assessment, alternating-daily, short-assessment exercises; utilized as a subtle tool for the detection of cognitive decline, daily training and monitoring through meaningful exercises for older adults (i.e., socializing, playing cards, news reading, religious activities) and socialization through knowledge sharing with others. The system will offer access to authorized data, to informal and formal caregivers, in order to monitor their person of interest’s progress and be actively and efficiently involved in the health management process. Over 447 sessions will be performed in 4 European countries with users with different characteristics to assist us in developing, testing and fine-tuning the solution according to user-needs. Project results and news will be openly shared through our website, flyers or in scientific events and journals in order to inform general public on project progress.


The ReMember-Me project is launched by 8 partners in 6 European countries, as an effort to develop a solution to detect and prevent cognitive decline early on. The solution will consist of a robot, screen games and sensors, which will capture data on the person’s status and engage the user in interesting and personalized brain training schemes according to their routines and preferences. The system will, also, provide a monitoring platform which will connect older adults with their network of caregivers, and a social platform connecting them with other people who wish to learn from older adults’ memories and experiences.

Expected Results and Impact:

The ReMember-Me project aims to enhance the existing models for monitoring, detecting and preventing cognitive decline and consequently, promote older adults’ well-being, health, socialization, self-esteem and dignity, IT literacy and their ability to live independently for longer. The system also aims to enhance family members confidence and engagement in caring for their relatives and improve the tools for healthcare professionals in their practice. Finally, the solution is expected to have multiple advantages in a financial and societal level by addressing a significant health issue in modern world.


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
MAT SME Cyprus
TUC R&D Romania
ANA End Users Romania
FSL End Users Italy
AOI SME Hungary
EP SME Belgium
SJB End Users Belgium
  • Project name: Smart assistant to prevent and detect cognitive decline, promote cognitive function and social inclusion among older adults (ReMember-Me)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Agecare (Cyprus) Ltd – Materia Group
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting date: 04/2020
  • Total budget: € 1.292.087
  • Public contribution: € 867.699.80


Marina Polycarpou


T.:+357 99607567

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