ICT for ageing well.



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REVOLUTION – opens-up new grounds exchanging voluntary work. Smartphones and modern ICT influence all areas of modern life. Social contacts and mutual help can be organized way better thanks to modern technology. REVOLUTION wants to contribute greatly to this, especially in the area of voluntary work:

  • Connects volunteers and help people having requests in real time
  • Help-requests are self-explanatory and displayed on a map
  • Everybody can join anytime
  • Usability is optimized and tested with elderly people
  • Smart selection of appropriate volunteers
  • Mutual rating of participants
  • Runs on all mobile phones and tablets
  • Multi language capability

REVOLUTION breaks new ground to fit the supply and demand of voluntary work. Individual tasks are placed online and real-time on a map. The volunteer selects a task and applies. Finally the person requesting help selects a volunteer and contacts him directly via phone, text message or WhatsApp.



The program REVOLUTION – REaltime VOLunteering solUTION – aims to give pensioners voluntary occupation. REVOLUTION will break new ground to match supply and demand: It will be an online solution, which instantly indicates what jobs are needed to be done. The participants can submit their needs for services and labour provider their competency via smartphone – but the software also detects patterns of behaviour and helps to organize voluntary work. Many more details will optimize usability and user experience to facilitate dissemination of this application. This will help keep people active more easily and this is crucial for wellbeing and health. A rolling stone gathers no moss.


Expected results and impact:

“REVOLUTION will deliver a comprehensive working prototype for mobile applications which will be validated with end-users in Switzerland and England. The systems’ main results will be: (1) a unified and intuitive user interface that appeals to people who are not familiar with technology, (2) motivation to sign up as volunteer or help the person in need, (3) the chance to start new contacts or relationships through voluntary work”


XIM Ltd.SMEUnited
ANA ASLAN International

Coordinator: YouPers AG

Duration: 24 Months

Starting Date: 01 June 2014

Total budget: € 1.976.736

Public contribution: € 1.019.402


Reto Blunschi
Tel: +41 79 287 18 48