ICT for ageing well.



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The ultimate goal of SAAPHO is the self-serve, independence and dignity enhancement of seniors through innovative ICT-based solutions. In order to effectively design and apply these tools, SAAPHO will be implemented within a truly user-centred design process in which the three axes of Active Ageing are represented: healthcare with self-care devices, participation in easy-to-use communication and security in the home environment. All these services are seen as gateways connected to the Saapho AAL middleware which mediates with the user interface application to eventually provide these services to the user. The Saapho middleware, apart from orchestrating all these communications, is also in charge of providing to the user application personalised interface adaptations, enhancing its usability.

Three aspects are foreseen in the scope of SAAPHO to mitigate the easiness of use along with accessibility, deployability into an existing life ambient. Firstly, a tactile screen, which is a more intuitive form of interaction, as the central user interface to access all functionalities. Secondly, a portable system that will provide the envisaged services to the user by means of a NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled mobile phone and NFC reader connected to a PC, laptop and similar. Thirdly, the deployment of inconspicuous sensors for health and security services, which by assisting and not impeding the user will be highly accepted.



The main objective of SAAPHO is to support Active Ageing by assisting seniors to participate in the self-serve society preserving and enhancing independence and dignity through the application of innovative ICT-based solutions. The system proposed is focused on boosting accessibility to a diverse number of healthcare, participation and security services by means of easy-to-use and easy-to-configure user interfaces. Thus, intelligent, intuitive and user-friendly tools stating on tactile screen-based fixed and mobile devices will allow and facilitate the access to these services, according to these three main axes of Active Ageing.

Expected results and impact:

Key components of SAAPHO solution are the flexibility and the modularity to all European countries where the ‘needs’ that SAAPHO satisfies have been identified as such.

In the end, SAAPHO’s basic components will be touch screens devices, NFC mobiles, NFC tags, home-security sensors, etc. All these components are available in all EU countries and no specific solution or customisation needs to be considered when deployed outside Spain or Slovenia. On the other hand, with a successfully completed field trial, the consortium expects a high interest from Health Care Providers (HCP’s) and public organisations around Europe.



Barcelona Digital Centre TecnològicR&DSpain
L’Institut d’Envellimentend-userSpain
Aibis Informationssysteme GmbHSMEGermany
Zveza društev upokojencev Slovenijeend-userSlovenia
FhG – Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Fördering der angewandten Forschung e.V. - Institute für Zuverlässigkeit und MikrointegrationR&DGermany

Coordinator: Barcelona Digital Centre Tecnològic (BDIGITAL)

Duration: 36 Months

Starting Date: 01 July 2011

Total budget: € 3.072.388

Public contribution: € 1.685.516, 37


Jesús Fernández
+34 93 553 45 40
C/Roc Boronat 117, 5th floor, 08018 Barcelona (Spain)