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Senior Ludens

Senior Ludens

The SeniorLudens project will provide organizations with the first Serious Game development platform for the fast, easy and cheap creation of serious professional training games, which are suitable for use by the older workforce while allowing them to retain and transfer their knowledge. The platform will be assessed in three different application areas (IT companies, healthcare, food processing) that for their strategic relevance will represent specific services ready to scale up at the European level.

The results of the SeniorLudens project will provide benefits to the older workforce by increasing their independence and motivation when facing new tasks. Organizations (companies, NGOs, etc.) and young workers will also benefit from the project by increasing the capabilities of their older workforce and by retaining and using the valuable knowledge from their experience. Finally, the social security system will also benefit from this through an increase in years of healthy active life of the systems’ users.



The main goal of the project is the implementation of the first professional 3D serious games development and training platform in the market. The platform will provide a collaborative hub for development, deployment, use, and evaluation of serious games, allowing the users to share their experiences with the SeniorLudens community. The games will immerse the user in a three-dimensional representation of a workplace, guiding the user through the steps needed to accomplish complex tasks and thus acquiring new skills.

Expected results and impact:

The SeniorLudens platform will improve the quality of life for the end-users: (i) developing means for learning and training of older workers; (ii) assisting employees or customers of advanced age to continue a meaningful career and participatory life; (iii) increasing independence of older adults to manage their occupational activities; (iv) adapting the way of working to keep seniors motivated and active in work or other meaningful activities; (v) helping older adults to adapt cognitively with their tasks, maintaining their quality of life and work-life balance; (vi) preserving the cognitive capabilities of older adults when performing their useful activities.

Indra Software LabsLarge EnterpriseSpain
Consorzio di Bioingegneria e Informatica MedicaSMEItaly
Unie KBOEnd-usersThe Netherlands
Fondazione Don Carlo GnocchiEnd-usersItaly

Coordinator: Indra Software Labs

Duration: 30 Months

Starting Date: 01 April 2014

Total budget: 1,828,243 €

Public contribution: 886,056 €


Carolina Perez
Ingeniero I+D – R&D engineer
Ingeniería del Software / Software Engineering
Indra Software Labs

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