The SI-FOOtWORK system will allow for the workers to focus on avoiding or reducing back pain. The uniqueness of the SI-FOOtWORK project lies in the combination of pressure monitoring in insoles, state-ot-the-art low power, long range, communication technology (i.e. NB-IoT) and minimalistic integrated innovative pressure sensor technology and an AI lifting engine, which opens up for a new application area for this type of insoles.

The developed system will be co-created, evaluated and tested by the following end users: HOKA Taepper & Gulve (flooring company where workers are carrying out many lifts on a daily basis), NTNU (will provide links to end user organisations, creating awareness of lifting issues and solution opportunities for older workers), NFA (Followers group – and will come with input on work force regulations), ANA (with hospital workers, nurses and doctors). The selected test persons will be from different fields of expertise to get an ample and thorough feedback and result which will benefit the further development and exploitation of the final product.

Objectives of the project

The aim of the project is to develop a personalized Smart Insole system FOr Older WORkers to reduce bacK pain (SI-FOOtWORK). The SI-FOOtWORK system will consist of an insole that, equipped with pressure sensors, can measure lifting workloads of older workers. By integrating state-of-the art low power technology the insole can wirelessly and ubiquitously communicate with an adaptable Artificial Intelligence (AI) lifting engine, that can evaluate lifting amounts and correctness. These immediate notifications will empower the user to avoid and stop problematic lifting situations, thus reducing the risk of developing back pains due to overexertion.

Expected results and outcome

SI-FOOtWORK will improve the quality of life for older persons by enabling them to retain their job function by correcting risk behaviours leading to back-pain, reducing sick days and optimising their general well-being. SI-FOOtWORK will develop and validate a robust, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution targeted older workers assisting them to prevent, mitigate and correct risk behaviours when lifting – leading to keeping workers active and healthy for longer time, thus contributing to the sustainability of social security and healthcare systems. A successful market introduction and exploitation of the SI-FOOtWORK technology will have strong impacts on growth of the European active and assisted living sector, employment and industrial competitiveness, specifically on the consortium SMEs.


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Technical University of Denmark R&D Denmark
Norwegian University of Science and Technology R&D Norway
Canary Technology Innovations SRL SME Romania
Hoka Tæpper og Gulve End Users Denmark
Ana Aslan International Foundation End Users Romania
  • Project name: Smart Insole system FOr Older WORkers to reduce bacK pain (SI-FOOtWORK)
  • Coordinator: Technical University of Denmark
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Starting Date: 01.03.2021.
  • Total budget: € 258,207
  • Public contribution:


Sarah Ruepp


T.: +45 45253627

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