The key building block of the platform is what we call the smartTRV. The smartTRV is a smart version of the current eTRVs. It is equipped with a set of technologies to understand the environment and the user needs and to wirelessly communicate with other smartTRVs installed on other radiators or with other different devices, such as smartphones/tablets and wearable computing devices (e.g. smartwatches, wristbands, etc.).

The SmartHeat system will be equipped with several technological building blocks, such as:

  • Intelligent algorithms which allow the system to learn the user habits/needs and the environmental conditions (room temperature and humidity, presence, light, proximity, etc.) and to control the heating system accordingly in an automatic way.
  • A Web and smartphone application in order for the secondary users (e.g. informal carers) to remotely interact with the system via the Internet when being outside the home.
  • Wearable computing devices which allow the system to optimise the home heating conditions also based on biometric and other user parameters.
  • An adaptive central display with usable interfaces which allow the elderly people to interact with the system in a user friendly way. User friendliness for older citizens will also be guaranteed by voice recognition functionality which allows users to interact with the system using his/her voice.
  • The system allows users to have knowledge of environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, etc. and of the gas consumption of every radiator. This functionality has the objective to encourage prevention, improve self-management and to sensitise older adults on energy and gas saving issues.


The SmartHeat project proposes to leverage on modern IoT (Internet of Things) technologies in order to radically change the home heating experience for health, comfort and well-being of elderly people. The IoT allows physical environments to be connected to the Internet by means of smart objects. A smart object can be defined as any physical entity enhanced with sensing/actuating, computation and communication capabilities. The goal will be achieved via the development of a smart, secure and elderly friendly ICT system for heating monitoring and control.

Expected results and impact

Improve self-management of older adults at home and to enhance autonomy.

The system is also able to send alert message to report or to inform secondary users about possible temperature settings which might be dangerous for the older adults. Besides enhance older adults’ autonomy, the system allow informal carers to have their social life outside home but at the same time have constant control of the proper home heating conditions of their older relatives.


Partners involved in the SmartHeat project

Organization Type Country Website
TEAMNET INTERNATIONAL (Coordinator) Large Industry Romania
ModoSmart S.L. SME Spain
MX-SI S.L. SME Spain
SensorID s.n.c. SME Italy
terzStiftung End User Switzerland
EURAG End User Austria
Glukadvice SME The Netherlands
University of Geneva R&D Switzerland
  • Project name: SmartHeat  (Smart, secure and user friendly heating monitoring and control for elderly people) – SmartHeat.AAL.EC
  • Website:
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting Date: 01.10.2015
  • Total budget: € 2.746.870,69
  • Public contribution45% National + 55% AAL


Cristina Stanica


T.: +40 723 190 430

Monica Georgescu


Phone: +40 723 766 075

Cristian Cheru


T.: +40 732 714 230

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