ICT for ageing well.



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A prototype service will be implemented and tested among the seniors over national borders. The SoMedAll project produces a platform that offers social media focused on the needs of the elderly with a variety of easy-to-use user interfaces including web, PC, IPTV and mobile phone (equipments already at home) taking into account the skills level of the users. We implement a prototype service, test use it among the elderly over national borders. We study the usability and the impact of the services on the quality of life of the elderly. The end-users’ point of view will be taken into account in practice in Italy, Finland and possibly in Slovenia. One important issue is also to analyse possible cultural effects on the acceptance and desire for these kind of social media services.


The objective is to make social media usable for senior people:

  • to build social media applications and activities around the content; to provide easy ways to create, store and share knowledge,  experiences and memories
  • to provide easy and fast communication, social interaction and creation of social networks to develop tools that support co-experience and co-presence
  • to develop easy, adaptable and guided user interfaces for creating, managing and sharing content taking into account the mental and physical capabilities of the elderly people

the service can be used with the users’ own language and supports multicultural communication

Expected results and impact:

In terms of technology deployment timeline we have two different kinds of results:

A SoMedAll software platform including modules that have been developed in the project as the prototype and pilot. Pilot is expected to be ready for deployment in the short term.

Service concepts that use the new SoMedAll software modules to adapt to the user’s conditions and predict their evolution. Adaptive interfaces will only be deployed in homes in the medium term.

One important result will also be the knowledge gathered in terms of cultural differences and attitudes towards technology based social media services among elderly people.



Miina Sillanpää FoundationEnd
Gonga Group
National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT)R&
Cooperativa sociale A R. L (ALDIA)End

Coordinator: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Duration: 24 Months

Starting Date: 01 February 2010

Total budget: € 1.000.000

Public contribution: NN


Tuula Petäkoski-Hult
+ 358 40 5298 123
P.O. Box 1300 33101 Tampere