ICT for ageing well.



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SOCIALCARE will be a central digital hub where citizens in a local community can come together to organize and provide care and wellbeing for older persons. Depending on the care need of a person, different care functionalities and service providers can be added and organized within a group from the community, consisting of neighbours, family and volunteers. E-learning modules are available with basic instructions on first aid, fall prevention and care to support the work in the community.

SOCIALCARE services will be provided on mobile devices (tablet, smart phone) and administration interfaces are available on desk top computers. The technological solutions will be developed together with end users and transition town initiatives who will be involved throughout the entire project. Pilots are organized in The Netherlands and Austria, where the solutions will run within the community to evaluate the impact of technology on care and wellbeing for older people at local level.


Due to the continued pressure on European care systems, citizens are starting to take control of their own community by organizing care and wellbeing services for older people. These communities we call transition towns. They are grassroots community projects set up in response to the societal challenge of providing care and wellbeing in an ageing society. Some transition towns even create formal care cooperatives where care for older people is organized bottom up, in collaboration with older people, volunteers, families, neighbours and professional caregivers. The SOCIALCARE project aims to support these initiatives.

Expected results and impact:

The aim is to provide for a ready to use platform for communities organising themselves to support older people.  A business model is being developed, foreseeing a social enterprise that exploits the SOCIALCARE platform together with consultancy services for communities. Consultancy services focus on setting up community cooperatives with the support of the SOCIALCARE platform, organizing volunteers, involving local stakeholders and introducing ICT to older people. SOCIALCARE aims to offer an alternative in the way we organize care in Europe by supporting these bottom up approaches of transition towns.

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Coordinator: Stichting Nationaal Ouderenfonds

Duration: 28 months

Starting Date: 01 May 2015

Total budget: € 2.381.441

Public contribution: € 1.558.878


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