The Solaria project will allow informal (family, friends, houseworkers) and formal care givers (doctors, nursing staff, welfare workers) to come into contact with the person in need of care in the home environment via the TV, even without any required action from the care receiver breaking seniors’ isolation and loneliness, and at the same time taking away any digital stress. This will be possible thanks to the use of regular set-top boxes and special hospitality TVs which will be connected to a cloud environment with virtual care-groups. Thanks to the involvement of three user groups from Belgium and Switzerland, Solaria will test the product being developed and define the elements that make life easier and bring a healthier and more connected life to seniors. Thanks to the involvement of care givers, Solaria will define what makes their daily tasks easier in terms of administrative time management optimalisation and of higher quality due to closer and longer
contact with the caretakers. Thanks to the close contact with the owners of multiple telecom operators, the consortium will have access to the needed streaming technology.


As our mobility and energy levels diminish when we get older, we start missing out on social contacts. It is proven that only 6% of a person’s health is determined by traditional medical care while the rest by the surrounding environment and mental state. The aim of the Solaria project is to build a platform that connects the television in the seniors’ homes to an app on the smartphone of a family member, taking away the digital stress that other solutions in the market create and allowing daily contacts with family and friends. In addition, thanks to Solaria, regular personal advice and assistance from caregivers becomes possible via the television.

Expected results & Impact:

The Solaria project expects to produce the following 10 main results:

1) high acceptance and satisfaction rate (>75% of users);

2) decrease in social isolation for seniors (>75%);

3) increase in feeling happy and less stressed by seniors (>90%);

4) trust in data privacy by seniors and caregivers (>75%);

5) confidence in the system running correctly (>75%);

6) time management optimisation for formal and informal caregivers;

7) integration into existing infrastructures (>95%);

8) cost optimisation for end-user organisations (>75%);

9)improvement of end-user services (>75%);

10) improvement of work environments (>75%).

Project Partners

Organization Type Country Website
UCast Business Belgium
Connectify Business Belgium
Korian End user Belgium
Bonacasa End user Switzerland
LG Electronics Poland Business Poland
AContrario Business Belgium
Partena en OZ Gezinszorg End user Belgium
Fondazione IRCCS Santa Lucia Research Italy
  • Project name:SOLARIA – SOLution for healthy Aging and ImpRoved wellbeing for elderly by breaking
    down IsolAtion and empowering care providers.
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: UCast BV
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting Date01/10/2022
  • Total budget: € 4.620.798
  • Public contribution€ 1.889.318


Mike Straub
T.: +32486620663

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