In SOULMATE, we address the diverse travel wishes and needs of older adults in order to engage in (and to ensure) an active, healthy and independent living in a secure way through active mobility and physical activity. Our solution will aggregate different types of existing mobility support during the trips, and consists of  3 complementary modules: 1. Training of the route (Memoride): an indoor cycling solution enables to practice the routes in a safe, motivating and fun virtual training environment; 2. Security during the trips (Viamigo): passive smartphone based monitoring by a coach from a distance; 3. Routing during the trips (Ways4All): active navigation on a smartphone, by generating turn-by-turn instructions. For each individual, the desired or needed functionalities can be chosen in a modular way, based on the specific abilities of that individual and his/her travel needs and wishes. The SOULMATE solution will be incrementally developed in co-creation with end-users, and the instrument will be intensively tested and evaluated in 3 countries.


With ageing, travel becomes more and more complex. Physical and cognitive ability may decline with increasing age, and elderly people may experience several problems that hinder them from travelling independently. SOULMATE provides a flexible solution that focuses on aspects such as training of routes, security during the trips, and routing during the trips. Due to the heterogeneity of the ageing population and associated age-related travel restrictions, a “one size fits all” solution is not desirable. Hence, SOULMATE takes into account personal preferences and capacities, and grows and evolves with the user’s needs.

Expected results and impact

By supporting elderly to execute a rich daily activity pattern in a secure way, SOULMATE will allow them to live a more healthy, active and meaningful life; and provide them more satisfaction and living in dignity. By improving the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of care, SOULMATE also reduces stress and leads to a lower care burden for caregivers. There will be more people who can stay at home instead of residential care, which will lead to a reduction of healthcare costs. From a business perspective, we aim to offer a sustainable scalable package based on a commercial partnership between the service solution partners.


Partners involved in the SOULMATE project

Organization Type Country Website
ABEONAconsult BVBA SME Belgium
Activ84Health NV SME Belgium
HappyAging, LifeTechValley VZW End User Belgium
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven R&D The Netherlands
Roessingh Research and Development B.V. SME The Netherlands
Coöperatie Slimmer Leven 2020 U.A. End User The Netherlands
FH Joanneum Gesellschaft mbH University of Applied Sciences R&D Austria Moser GmbH SME Austria
FRAISS – IT Consulting & Mediendesign e.U. SME Austria
  • Project name: Secure Old people’s Ultimate Lifestyle Mobility by offering Augmented reality Training Experiences (SOULMATE)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: ABEONAconsult BVBA
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting date: 01.04.2018
  • Total budget: 2,0 mi €
  • Public contribution: 1,2 mi €


Prof. dr. ir. Tom Bellemans


Telephone: 32 11 26 91 27


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